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We can work it out


Wid February 14 gone, de big wedding feast is over, but ah guess ‘Love is still in de Ear!’ De honey-moon is what ah find interesting. We got to remember dat from day-one, was de Bride alone who had decided dat “money or no money, man or no man, collision or no coalition, she getting married.”

Dat sound like something Lie-Za would do. Was like every month she kept putting off de date, she was fast becoming ah laughing stock. But she Labour-ed on wid no money and no proper wedding plan.

Where was de Groom in all ah dis? From day-one, he was blanked, was never allowed to be involved in his own wedding plan. Boldly he retaliated and predicted from de onset, dat de wedding was ah disaster waiting to happen, and dat as far as he was concerned, “dey was not going to be any blurr-dy wedding.

Time was running out, ready or not, de Bride was ready. Since she didn’t have ah mate, she picked ah Saint foh her man…Valentine! It was ah one-family wedding wid only members ah de Bride’s family in ah-ten-dance. Mrs Hazel Manning was among de many “Guesses,” she even brought greetings from her deceased husband, Patrick. Dey came from all over, all bearing baggages, poor-litter-call broken marriages, dey never-the-less gave dis marriage dey blessings, encouraging de newly-wed to mek de union work. But as we all know de wedding was taking place minus de Groom who, against his own will or maybe foh manners sake, turned up late. So quite fittingly all de praises were showered on de Bride, no men-shun at all was even made of de Groom’s presence or absence. Lie-Za say some ah de ‘plane-Jane’ guesses cried shame on him and call him beer-face!

Despite all de insults dat were thrown pon de Groom during de planning stages, he somehow likes what he seeing and is now giving ah ton-load of add-vice as to how to mek de marriage wuk. He seems ready and willing to sleep wid de Bride, Lie-Za warns me, she say to use words cautiously: ” Ready to lie in bed wid de Bride!” Right now de Groom is singing ah new tune made popular by de Beatles 52 years ago: “We Can Work It Out!” Ah like de second verse: “Think of what you’re saying, you can get it wrong, and still you think it’s alright. Think of what I’m saying, we can work it out and get it straight, or say good night. We can work it out.”


How deer Council General to Canada, Fits Huggins jump ahead ah Julie-Ann say he clean up “dirty” Kingstown? Dollar foh Dollar, Fits is working foh his Dollar. He earned his place in Canada when he came up wid de brilliant I-dare of “Drop ah Dollar” in one of Hobbs, his late father’s M.T one gallon Rum bottle, to help raise funds to build de Argyle Airport. Unlike most ah de other heads at SVG’s far-rain offices, who seem to be always present foh de camera at every function in de name of Vincy, Fits is less fronting and more of ah silent doer. His six thousand dollars donation to de Go-venom-mint’s “Zero Hunger Initiative” has left de other heads of Far-rain Missions wid dey greedy mouths wide open. Again Fits’ interest in de AIA, leaves me to believe dat he played a pivotal role in de excursion dat brought ah half ah plane load ah passengers foh de opening ah de AIA last week. It is on dis score dat ah want to commend Fits and his far-rain based Vincy-

So what’s so big about Fits clean up de town? Well, just about every die-us-poorer person who returns will tek one look, and de first thing out ah dey mouth, is “why Kingstown so dirty?”

Calliaqua Posse (sorry fellars ah don’t have all yo names) foh de clean-up power-wash job dey did in Kingstown. Even though dey selected to clean up de cleanest opps, cleaner part ah de town!

So what’s so big about Fits clean-up de town? Well, just about every die-us-poorer person who returns will tek one look, and de first thing out ah dey mouth, is “why Kingstown so dirty?” Dey will spend dey vacation and dey cash but never think about ah street wash. Even we at home we litter de place from town to country; and den turn around and complain how de Go-venom-mint got de town looking so nasty.

So ah want to thank Fits and de Posse. Dey came! Dey saw ah mess and rather dan come-plane, dey clean-up! Just when ah was abouit to tell Lie-Za dat as long as Fits put his hand on dat project, we will get some act-shun from Julie-Ann. So said so done. Julie-Ann made de news dis norning, he going to clean-up Kingswtown. And wid dat is gone ah gone again.

One Love Bassy

Bassy Alexander is a land surveyor, folklorist and social commentator.