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AIA ready to go


Ah live where at nights ah could see moonlight, see planes flying into ET Joshua, and even see star pitch or falling, but ah never hear anybody ever find way any star drop.

So Monday morning when ah hear dey was ah “hell-have-ah-STAR” spread out in front de Control Tower at de AIA, ah said dat is nothing but ah star pitch and fall at de AIA. But later in de day de story broke dat it was ah real Star dat was maliciously made of concrete, firmly cast in front de control tower at Argyle. Ah thought dat was carry de politics of de AIA too far. Ah was turned off and ah tell me-self ah not putting me foot anyway on dat Airport until dey clean up dat mess.

Anyhow ah over-heard de PM telling Bing Joseph on Boom Radio, dat it was reported to him dat some exuberant (fan-ha-ticks) supporters went in de night and did dey foolishness. But way was de security. De PM however, has con-dem de acts-shun and has ordered it removed.

Ah got up early Choose-day morning and went in de River to fish (jam crab and bookie) wid me wife, she cousin Rock and Sparrow. Ah however got back in time to watch de Airport Rally Live on TV.

Foh me dey was ah lickle too much Star worshipping so much so, even Kingstown Baptist Pastor, Doctor Richards who shies away from controversial current ah-fear, was wid Bing on “OMG” crying out foh Blast-foh-me. Was like every local speaker, one after de other went to de podium wid one in-ten-shun, to worship Ralph. Yes we must give Ralph his well deserved Due but don’t over-Due it. Dey was one speaker who had a message, Garth Saunders, chairman of de AIA Board. Garth’s father, John Saunders would ah ‘turn in his grave if Garth had turned ah follower. Ole people say dat “any child raised in strong environment can be nothing but strong.” We need to mek SVG strong again. Amen!

Young, aspiring professional should get ah hold of dat address by Garth. Space permits me to quote only ah lickle piece: “After all of this excitement and euphoria has subsided, the focus will be on the serious challenges ahead, including making the AIA a viable entity. And, for the minority who may, from here on, be looking for imperfections and inadequacies in this airport, let me assure you ahead of time, there are imperfections! Additionally, there WILL be maintenance challenges, the paint will fade, the iron will corrode and yes the runway wearing course WILL WEAR and will require resurfacing at some point in the future. Let’s not however make these future realities media events and times for twisted celebrations. The truth is that airports the world over are all perpetual construction zones, undergoing constant maintenance, alterations and expansions. I suspect that the Argyle International Airport will be no different. This airport represents a bridge to the future; let us cross it together in unity. In fact, it would be unfortunate if we made our interest in and enthusiasm for this airport contingent on which political party is in office. This is a national facility of which we should ALL be justly proud.” Nuff ah dat! Thanks Garth.


Last Wednesday, ah finished early what ah went to look at in Bequia, so ah took de opportunity to go look foh Sir James. Ah always say dat de Sir James in office as PM was no-way as affable and sociable as de Sir James now at home, in de Supermarket, on de boats wherever, once politics is out de way, he is a great guy. He recently had heart surgery, actually only ah few weeks ago.

Seems like he had ah full session before I arrived. Some 15 of his old, regional pull-it-to-kill friends and Carry-Come colleagues, who had come foh de opening of de Argyle Airport, flew into Bequia to spend de day wid Sir James. When ah got to de Frangipani, he had gone to de J.F Mitchell Airport to bid dem farewell. Den he finally arrived wid Bing, his prodigal son-in-law. Sir James seems fond of Bing or vie-see, ver-saw. De man looks very well, he seemed energized wid de delegation of former friends, and he is otherwise doing well, moving around quite gingerly. As usual, he had a lot to say, that is how ah know he is doing well. We spoke at length foh de short period ah spent wid him. NDP-wise, Sir James is not happy, hurt!. And I think dat it will be good foh de future of de party, if Sir James and de new Executive were to repair whatever differences would have driven dem so many miles apart. NDP is better off wid ah Mitchell Blessing dan ah Mitchell Curse. He gave me ah lot of food foh thought. His genuine wish foh de AIA is dat it turns out to be ah success, but wid ah bit of sarcasm he reminds me dat he is ah student of Agronomy and Geology, dat he will not abandon scientific knowledge foh politics. Den he waved his index finger at me wid his parting words: ” God can FORGIVE, Man may FORGIVE, but Nature never FORGIVES. Ah suppose dat is ah moral behind many stories. And wid dat is gone ah gone again.

One Love Bassy

Bassy Alexander is a land surveyor, folklorist and social commentator.