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Love is in de ear


Is like ah ‘double whammy’ next Choose-dey wid de clashing of two major events, namely ‘Valentine’s Day’ and ‘De Opening of de Argyle International Airport.’ Hysterically, Valentine’s Day is de ‘Day of Love’ wid de expression of special romantic sentiments and gift-giving among lovers.

Lie-Za has a different slant, she say dat is de day when “Non Lovers” try to make amends by going overboard buying gifts, wrapped in Red paper, littered all over wid Hearts, just to mek-up foh lost quality time, neglect and even abuse.

What ah like about Valentine’s Day is dat it is both Christian and Pagan, and foh once dey are both on de same theme, Love and Romantic. De Christian version it stained wid sadness. It tells about ah young Priest, Valentine who defied de Emperor’s wishes by marrying young couples, and rightly so. But as ah result of his deeds, he was beaten and beheaded on February 14 around de year 270. De Pagan’s version of “Valentine’s Day” was referred to as “De Festival of Love,” an ancient belief dat birds first mate in de middle of February. Lie-Za thinks it’s ah most one-dah-full scene wid birds of all description and colour, mating while flying around. She say dat can only be best described as: “Love is in de Air.”

Dis brings me to de 1977 hit song by John Paul Young entitled “Love is in the Air.” De first few lines are: “Love is in the air everywhere I look around; Love is in the air every sight and every sound…” Even at dis moment, while ah writing dis article, ah hearing an Ad on Boom Radio, inviting Vin-sin-shun in de Die-as-poorer in Can-Ada and de USA to get on board de inaugural flights to de Argyle Int. Airport (AIA). In dat Ad, de background music is from de same song “Love is in de Air!” Man ah tired hearing “Love is in de Air,” It pon de Radio, pon de TV, de streets, in stores, at home, man ah even hear “Love is in de Air” in Church.

Dis is beyond hypocrisy, it’s hay-poc-crazy, real bear-face! Ah remember de during construction of de Ottley Hall Marina, how de den Awe-position now Go-venom-mint, passed nuff bad-talk and bad-blessings pon de project. De first thing dey did in office was to set up ah Commission of Enquiry which has gone full circle, costing millions and in de end Nada! Ley me borrow one ah John Horne’s fear-foh-hit: “Alas!” From nowhere, came de ULP first born baby, de construction of de AIA. Not only did it come as ah surprise, but its plan of action was in most cases covered in secrecy, insufficient or lickle or info on transparency and accountability. Dey left de doors open foh mass criticism. And de NDP Awe-position attack was bitter and contagious from day one and still going after eight years.

De anti ULP/AIA calm-pain spread all over, Vincent-shuns at home and de Die-us-poorer tun beast like when ah Bull in de Arena sees de Red flag. Home-owners who were displaced still bitching and waiting to be paid. AIA was de talking point on Radio from Sunday to Sunday. Emotions went overboard where in desperation some folks wished for ah Soon-ah-me in Argyle.

Dey was never “Love is in de Air.” De exchange of punches and body blows were even. De Pry-minister and his Pit-bulls never failed to reciprocate wid de equal fire and brimstone. Everyone who dared to bad talk de AIA was die-ah-nose by de Pull-it-to-kill doctor as suffering from Political Jaundice.

So I ask. In ah country dat is still bitterly divided equally down de middle, wid Red and Yellow on either side. No one from either side has called foh ah meeting of de opposing forces to reconcile; now all of ah sudden we are being bombarded wid another ULP slogan of convenience “Love is in de Air.” My Ear tired hearing de slogan, it’s not going pass de Ear drum. Let it stay way it belong: “Love is in de Ear!


Lie-Za say de PM really wanted to take de inaugural flight from Canada. Cuban Cut-lass suggested he invited the Cut-lass and me to accompany him to Canada. De trick is I will disembark way ahead, the Cut-lass will follow, and de moment ah touch Canadian soil, the Cut-lass will point on me and shout to de Immigration: “dat’s yuh man!” And wid dat is gone ah gone again.

One Love Bassy
Bassy Alexander is a land surveyor, folklorist and social commentator.