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Never say never


Finally! Despite all de negatives about de Argyle Inter-nah-shun-all Airport NEVER finishing, Dr Gone-soft could NEVER find dat kind ah money to build an Inter-nah-shun-all Airport, wid all fear-ness he did create his own Fund-raising straw-man “de Collision of de Willing” dat NEVER “materialize,” Lie-Za calls it playing wid simple Material-lies; dey was no wind study so planes will NEVER land at Argyle; de umpteen times ah date foh de opening was announced and NEVER happened;{{more}} Well come Tuesday February 14, 2017, St Valentine Day, Rain or Shine, two 737 planes, charted by de ULP Go-venom-mint will touch down at Argyle. Lie-Za remembers eight years ago, de street parade thru Kingstown, as de heavy Equipment from Venezuela had arrived to be used in de construction of the Argyle Airport. She say every piece ah equipment was covered wid ULP Red: drapes, banners and flags. She describes de scene saying, dey was Road March Music to match de Red colour, “Who Eh Hut Eh Hut!” and how de trail ah bull-dozers and tractors looked like war tanks widout long range Guns on ah Tiananmen Square Parade. But like it took de Go-venom-mint eight years to realize dat nothing divided could stand, dat if ten men could build ah wall in four days, but yuh divide de workforce into two, down to half strength, den five men will build de same wall, but it will tek eight days, twice as long. And dat is de failed ULP mathematics at Argyle, ah project dat was estimated to finish in four years, took eight long and troubled years, all because de country is divided into two colours, Red and Yellow, not only at home but throughout de Die-us-poorer!


Caught like de tired and wicked Brer Lion in Aesop’s Fable “De Lion and de Fox” PM Gone-soft seems about to change his ways like Brer Lion did, he wants everybody’s involvement in de second unofficial opening ah de Airport. Whereas at de first unofficial opening, just days before de 2015 Elect-shun, it was like ah ULP rally wid ah sea of Red ULP supporters at Argyle. De format dis time Change, remember “de more thing change de more it remains de same” eh. Opening is on Valentine’s Day, de official Day of Love, de official Day foh Red, when both ULP and NDP supporters wear Red widout any mal-lice. Tell me what’s wrong wid asking people to wear de National Colours, de Argyle Airport is first and foremost ah Nah-shun-all Airport. No Come-red not dis time. Every chance yuh get to pull de people of dis divided country closer, yuh blow it, again. We will get to-gather one day, we must. Never say Never!


“Not ah chance in Hell” says Jomo! Ah don’t know why “Hell” of all places, Lawyer, Jomo Thomas will go if necessary to represent his client, de oppressed and victim-eyes Teacher, Utter-Some, who won Round 1 in his Case, but now has Round 2 coming up as Go-venom-mint has appealed de Court’s Ruling. Jomo is ah member ah de ULP, Speaker in de House Par-liar-mint, but he not wid dem and dey evil and wickedness. Dey behavior is Satan-ache.

Justice Esco Henry ruled dat de decision by de Public Service Appeal Board (PSAB) to dismiss Utter-Some, ah Public Servant foh 33 years, was Unlawful, Illogical and Unreasonable, done in an Unfair, procedurally improper manner; disproportionate to de alleged wrong; de man was Unfairly and Wrongfully dismissed by de PSAB. So Justice Henry ordered dat Utter-Some be paid full salary from de time he was dismissed since 2012, with all benefits and pen-shuns. It is ah very significant amount of money to be paid to Utter-Some.

Lie-Za say wid de exception of one member of de PSAB, Mrs Saunders, ah former Director of Audit, who would have known de Rules and Regulations, and who refused to be ah part of de wicked plot to destroy Utter-Some; de rest should face ah Public Enquiry and dealt wid accordingly. But Lie-Za got more news foh all ah dem who in one way or de other, may have con-tributed to Utter-Some’s demise; we all had a wonderful Christmas wid family and frens, but how was it foh Utter-some and his family. Shouldn’t we heng we heads in shame foh remaining sigh-lent again, as dis wicked regime decide to appeal Justice Henry’s Court Ruling. When Lie-Za bitter she bitter, She say: “Way dey ain’t meet at break-fast, dey waiting foh dem at Bell-Lie foh dinner!” Ah said it once and ah will continue to repeat: All dem flooding and disaster we getting has to do wid de Evil and Wickedness going on in high places. Trouble is, only ah few are prepared to speak out. But de Lord rains on de Just as well as de Unjust. And wid dat is gone ah gone again.

One Love Bassy

Bassy Alexander is a land surveyor, folklorist and social commentator.