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De fourteen opposites


Dey’s ah common element in Hebrew poetry dat indicates completion, and lists at random, 14 “Opposites” dat may occur in time and season. We hear it all de time at funerals; some folks have gone to so many funerals, dat you can hear dem echo-in word foh word as de Priest recites from de Book of Ecclesiastes Chapter 3,.: “Dey’s ah Time foh everything and ah Season foh every activity under heaven. Ah Time to be born and ah Time to die, ah Time to plant and ah Time to uproot and so on.” Basically de poem is saying dat while things might look top-see-tore-vee, dey’s ah Divinely chosen purpose foh everything we experience in our lives; God is always in control. {{more}}Arm-In is one ah dem politicians dah doh miss ah funeral, not only does he know de poem and its Opposites, but he added his own “Opposite” to de list ah fourteen: ” In polly-ticks, dey’s ah Time to enter and ah Time to leave!


Ah would have said it more dan once dat Arm-in Eustace is de only politician dat ah will vote for every day ah de week and twice on ah Sun-dey. And dey’s no magic about de man, is just dat he can be trusted. Ah hear pull-it-tel-all names called in all level ah Corrupt-shun, from Offshore Bank Accounts, million dollar deposits, Lies, alleged Rape and what have yuh. De name Arm-in Eustace was never among dem. Lie-Za say she adding number 15 to de list of “Opposites” which says “Ah Time to teef and ah Time to go Jail!” She will go jail foh she mouth.

So Arm-In has stepped aside, no doubt he checked number 9 of de “Opposites” in de Hebrew Poem: Ah Time to Search and ah Time to give up!” Thank yuh Nippy, yuh are de cleanest Prime Minister dat never was!” Daniel Cummings will be my choice foh Party President, Opposition Leader and finally Prime Minister.


So no more Arm-In to tek tooth-paste and mouth-wash. Blame Glen Stewart foh de poorly constructed road above de Argyle Airport dat wash away. Ole people say what gone wrong ah morning can’t come good ah evening! Dat road will wash away again and again because our Engineers, de experts are bowing to Politicians who are miss-fits.

What ah mess wid de Park Hill Cemetery. From Time memorial dey was an island in de Park Hill River above de Cemetery, dat broke de stream into two branches, one branch in question flowed parallel to de road along de Cemetery. De miss-fits decided to defy de Laws of Nature and made de two branches one enlarged stream flowing along de road undermining de Cemetery. De inevitable has happened, de Cemetery bank broke and sadly ah number of Graves have wash away. Terrible but it will wash way again and again!


De same could be said about de flooding ah de E.T. Joshua Airport again and again. And all dat is needed is to divert all dat water coming off Casson Hill lands onto de Highway. De ole Survey Plan showed ah Canal dat traversed above and parallel to de Airport from Cane Hall, over Public Works, above C.K. Greaves and St. Vincent Motors over to Adams Bros, and down to de Cigarette Factory. Dat canal is no more.


Heavy rains wreaked havoc in de rivers and lands above de road. Mark my word, it will happen again and again. Ah check almost every spot way dey was ah landslide, and just about every point of slippage, there is an overhanging tree on de bank above de road. De wind blows, de trees rock back ah forth, de deep roots breaking de soil and de rain water does de rest. Foh years dis is way happening again and again. Yuh can’t fault BRAGGSTA foh responding immediately wid Bull-dozer, Front-end loader and ah half ah dozen trucks and within hours, road cleared and traffic flowing again till de next down-pour. But all dat is needed is foh de Ministry of Roads to regulate. Dey shall be no trees within fifteen feet from de top side ah de road. In de meantime, value and cut down every tree along de top-side ah de road dat is within fifteen feet of the road edge or bank.

Ah could go on and on because since de 2015 Elect-shuns talk only and nothing is happening to reflect life in de E-con-Amy. Ah Tourist boat was here last week wid 4, 000 visitors so we mek ah few dollars. Lo and Behold de next day another boat came to collect de money we made de day before; it was ah Japanese ship wid ah Boat load ah Sketels! Lie-Za says last month de Central Bank paid Public Servants salary, dis month NIS will do de honours. And when de IMF asked what are his plans foh de E-con-Amy foh SVG, de man talking bout success-shun plans, bout de two young and able candidates, it’s now left foh dem to decide who will tek up de mantle. Way Lie-Za got dat from? Ah don’t know. And wid dat is gone ah gone again.

One Love Bassy

Bassy Alexander is a land surveyor, folklorist and social commentator.