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President Trump – WOOW! What a shocker!


Never in my wildest imagination would I have thought that today I will be saying President Trump! What a man! He gives us the impression that he is the ultimate conman, he, the president elect! Didn’t they say that anyone could become president of the US? Any Man, perhaps? He has, however, done the world a lot of good. He has without a shadow of doubt exposed the racist underbelly of American society.{{more}} He has pulled them out of the woodwork; those waiting to hear him sock it to those whom they think were taking over ‘THEIR’ country – the immigrants, blacks, women, Hispanics, Muslims, minorities, all who were not like them. America was built partly through immigration. But to them it means European immigration. Those were their kith and kin. The more extreme his language, the more they worshipped him. “LET’S MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN” drew a responsive chord from a xenophobic crowd, because it meant going back to the days when they had total control – the days of Jim Crow and the Monroe doctrine! Today’s America is not the one they knew. So, The Donald, through his mouth, would reverse all they consider un-American.

He has not told them how he was going to do all of that. In fact, his campaign was built on slogans and vicious, extreme language. He is a man extreme in thought and language. He got his doctor to write a report in five minutes to say that he will be the healthiest president ever. America will become so perfect that the people will be tired of its successes. It will be the best of times! But Sir Don does not have a coherent thought. His total ignorance of the international community and the workings of government is amazing. This Hitler reincarnated knows it all. He has a better understanding of ISIS than the generals! He has a plan to defeat ISIS, but not to be made public, hidden even from American allies involved in the struggle.

Uncertainty in the global community is at a high point, for they are dealing with a man who will say something one time and deny he ever said so, even when the evidence is very visible. When asked a question, he begins saying something asinine and then answers his own question. He has a love affair with Putin, his hero, and among the greatest of world leaders, a man whom he claims gets almost total support at the polls. He appears willing to isolate America from NATO. I imagine the political elite in MOSCOW and North Korea is celebrating. A man of their kind and vision!

Trump has promised to bring back jobs and manufacturing taken from the US, but he doesn’t understand the dynamics of the modern world. The problems he has been focusing on have little to do with China and more to do with a world being transformed by technology and global finance capital. I assume he is still a capitalist, but how does capitalism work? America was built on so-called free trade, but other countries have caught up and gotten into the act. Trumpy, in his victory speech, now talks know about ‘One America,’ after he has helped to widen the gap and water the seeds of division. Does that have any meaning for him! Does he believe it! His first obligation is to those rednecks who have stuck to him and identified with all the putrid nonsense that comes from his mouth and sheltered him from the ‘establishment,’ which he claims is out to get him. He relishes their applause and worshipping, without which he cannot survive. It’s what drives him.

What he has gotten away with is simply amazing! Imagine the biggest ‘conman’ and ultimate liar talking about ‘Crooked Hilary’ and ‘Lying Hilary’. This is a man who has refused to release his tax returns, who lies regularly, a man who is accused of being a sexual predator and has scammed so many with ‘Trump University’; who has a history of discriminating against blacks, of employing illegal immigrants at meagre wages! Had Hilary refused to declare her tax returns could you imagine what the reaction of the media and America would have been? But the media, in its quest for ratings, gave the political ‘monster’ a free ride.

Quite early, Chris Matthews at MSNBC did a complimentary documentary on him! Morning Joe sucked up to him! I will not speak about FOX, since that is their mandate. The media tolerated his lies without challenging him until the latter part of the campaign, when the damage was done.

I have always believed that of the major European and American powers, the US has the highest percentage of political illiterates. While other countries, including the Caribbean, have elevated women to the highest leadership position, America seems not to be ready for that. The more American women declared their support for Hilary and denounced Trump’s sexist and misogynist positions, the more white males clung to him. This is the country we are told is the fountain of democracy. There is so much about the US that needs to be exposed. A country, it is said, gets the government it deserves! True, perhaps!

Dr Adrian Fraser is a social commentator and historian.