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Donald Trump card


In ah way ah could identify wid de way Americans voted on Choose-day. Speaker after speaker foh de De-mock-rats kept saying “Ah-merry-car is de greatest country in world; let us keep America great! Keep our traditions and our (Obama) leg-ah-see alive! Hilary and not Trump has de experience in Go-venom-mint (de same ole status quo). Long live America, God Bless America!”

But Done-all, on de other side, played his best Trump Card, he attacked and defied de status quo from every angle, even pulling ranks wid de Repub-lick-hands whom he represented, or was supposed to: “America needs fixing!” he said. “ De E-con-Amy is in shambles, nothing is working anymore ! All of our Factories wid our jobs have gone overseas.” {{more}}He advocates widespread deportation foh illegal immigrants, singling out Mix-he-cans, Law-teen-owes, Here-shuns, His-panic , Riff-huge-ease More-slims! He destroyed Hilary nick-naming her “crooked Hilary” who cannot be trusted” Den he concludes “We need to make Ah-merry-car Great again! Let me fix Ah-merry-car!” Trump use So-shall-media, de Twitter! At 3:00 a.m. de most productive and effective hour for Prayer, de mad monk, Done-all Trump was Tweeting his messages stimulating society dat hungered foh something new, unheard-of. De man made no excuse foh being labeled as ah friend of Rush-on President, Putin, Ah-merry-car’s worst NME. “Trump is ah mad man” dey all said.

So de Ah-merry-can voters found dem-selves divided between ah Rock and ah Hard Place. De choice was either to go foh de “Same ole Car-key pants” or try ah new brand, go foh broke, play dey Trump Card and “Get Rid ah Dem”.

Imagine Wednesday morning when Ah-merry-cans woke up, totally in shock, is like dey had ah bad-dream or ah night-mere? Done-all Trump, de Rasputin of de Ah-merry-can peasants, was crowned President. And come January, two pull-it-tek-all numb-skulls, ah Billionaire and ah Model will occupy de White House as President and First Lady.

Life could be ah Beach. Trump will not assume office till January 2017, he only visited de White House yesterday, but already, de rejected and defeated establishment, media included is challenging him, to do or undo all de things dat he promised. I am neither Trump nor Hilary supporter. But Lie-Za is crazy over Trump, she says all who thinks he’s ah mad man, must ask dem-selves how come ah mad man could win de Republican nomination, and den win de Presidency, dey’s got to be something mightily mad about Trump! Ah beginning to like de Guy!


Wednesday gone was my birthday. Ah was five years ole plus three scores and ten, seventy-five and still alive, figure dat one out, all praise to God Almighty! Luckily foh me ah still have ah photo dat was taken when ah celebrated my first, fifth birthday, Silverware! Somehow ah remember almost everything dat took place. De Photographer was Clarie Paynter, ah one-dah-full Woman, professional photographer who processed and printed her photos in Black and white. Ah Hotelier, she owned de Kingstown Park Guest House now de upgraded Grenadine House. Proof of de skills is evident in de quality of my photo taken 75 years ago. Check out my all-in-one suit, shirt and pants sewed together. Ah still have me lock-knee, and still twisting my shoes, even de socks.

Since dat photo ah would have celebrated Platinum, Silver, Diamond, and Gold at fifty! Ah second Diamond at sixty; ah second Platinum at seventy and ah Diamond-Gold at seventy-five. Lots ah Jewels, but Silver and Gold have I none! Ah had a full Eddy-care-shun: Pre-shool at Murray’s Village; De Vere James school at Forester’s Court. Wesley Hall or Met-dis School; Richmond Hill, Grammar School and den ah went to SAIT in Alberta, Canada. My Eddy-care-shun includes learning to play Recorder, Her-Monica, Cuatro, Trumpet, ah played de Fool ah lot and got ah ah Diploma in Sense ah humour! Ah cherish my Christian Eddy-Care-shum. My mother was Gospel Hall and my Father was Salvation Army so ah had to attend both Sunday schools. Ah was ah Met-dis scout and was christened ah Met-dis. Ah got saved at de Salvation Army, Baptized by Rev Dr. Pope, Pastor of de Pentecostal Church. Presently my family and I attend Gospel Hall Mespo. St Peter can’t fault me foh not wuking hard to reach Heaven. Ah celebrated my second Platinum (70) undergoing treatment foh Pass-straight Cancer. Ah lived to see first second and third generations. Ah lucky to have faithful friends, ah loving wife and children. Nuff to say thank Yuh Lord. And wid dat is gone ah gone again.

One Love Bassy

Bassy Alexander is a land surveyor, folklorist and social commentator.