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We really an odd society


I was spiritually blessed last weekend by two statements. One made in ah TV News interview by Rev Adolph Davis, Supt of the Met-dis Church. He was promoting an Independent United Service, teaming up wid seven of our other Church Organizations, that Service actually took place last Sunday at de Met-dis Church. But my Church had its annual convention, so ah missed Rev Davis’ powerful Sermon. De Rev is right on de money, his vision or mission foh saving our Young People, and by extension dis sick Society, is thru Jesus Christ.{{more}} Strange how well ah remember ah teenager named Adolph Davis, ah Dramatist and ah lead actor in ah Drama Group popularly known by its ODD acronym: “Organization for de Development of Drama.” Trust me dey were ah fine bunch ah young GHS and BGS students dat did some ah de ODD-ist thing on stage. Budding stars like Shelly King and de talented ‘bad boys’: Duane Daniel and Ronnie Marks. Today Duane and Ronnie are Lawyers growing in dey profession, while Rev Davis is blooming in de Lord’s Vineyard. Lie-Za puts it nicely, she says when Duane and Ronnie save de criminals from going to jail, dey send dem to Rev Davis to save dem from going to Hell! Ah so happy for and proud of Adolph dat ah would be cool if my teenage son tells me dat he wants to become ah millionary sorry, ah Missionary.


My girl misses nothing coming out ah de PM’s mouth. She heard him boasting like Donald Trumpsalves dat “his ULP Go-venom-mint has built more bridges in SVG dan any other.” Dat is true but she comes up wid ah Corollary of her own; “his ULP Go-venom-mint has also divided dis country wid de widest possible River, so bitterly wide dat all ah dem Bridges he building will never reconnect dis now divided country again.” Which brings to mind de Organ-I-say-shun in Defence of De-mock-we-see (ODD), de other acronym. Remember dat fly by night 2000 Model Vehicle dat attracted all de Trade Unions, Doctors and Nurses, Lawyers even Clergymen. All wid good intent except de Vehicle had no driver, or had too many drivers, so Gonsalves, wid no driving skills, got behind de steering wheel and parked de Vehicle in de middle road, and shut down de country. He removed de den NDP Government, de incumbent Vehicle dat had ran out ah Gas! But Dr Gonsalves, the great Anesthetist, administered one dose of his Source-shall-is-him and de whole nation is still today suffering from Anesthesia. Banana sleeping! Trade Unions all but de SVUT sleeping; our Medical Services/Hospital is now closer linked to de Cemetery. We building an International Airport but foh de last five years, de opening date has been changing like ah “moving decimal.” De ODD ting was over-dosed and never woke up, now teeth-less and vice-less, Lie-Za calls it de Organ-I-say-shun foh Destruct-shun of De-mock-we-see. Its leaders brutally silenced, but nevertheless lucratively compensated and comfortably placed in high positions. We are in ah new dis-pen-say-shun called Civil Society led by pro-Govem-mint boot-lickers. If yuh dare to criticize, yuh damn to be branded backward and stupid. De fate of Utter Sam is hys-sterical. All praise and thanks to dat ting called ODD.


De Mespo Gospel Hall Convention last weekend was like ah breath ah freshness in de Valley. Ah does receive ah special Blessing travelling from dirty looking Kingstown to de Mespo Valley foh Church on ah Sunday. Dey is still Peace in de Valley, and dey’s warmth among worshippers. We had two guests from Jah-mek-her. Young people wid names we can associate wid: Deaconess Barbara Mitchell and Pastor Napoleon Black, unfortunately his dad passed away on Monday night. Sat-day was young people night, Sun-dey’s Open Convention was broadcast live and Mon-dey was family night. “More of God and Less of Self” was de Theme, but when Pastor Black was finished it was appropriately updated to “All of God and None of Self!” Ah lot ah visitors have been asking foh copies of de Message dat actually touched de core of our selfish society. Ah message dat ties into Rev Adolph Davis’ vision. And of course Lie-Za got she punch-lines. Those of us holy ones who are “Too Anointed to be Disappointed; we remain stuck in our own sell-fish world “Too Blessed to be Stressed,” especially now “we drinking from the saucer cause our tea-cups running over,” while so many go widout. Dat’s “All of self and None of God.” There is nothing ODD-er than that. And wid dat, is gone ah gone again.

One Love Bassy

Bassy Alexander is a land surveyor, folklorist and social commentator.