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Swept under de rug


Once again de good Lord has spared us from de potential ravages of Matthew, de storm wid de Unlucky No 13! As of now, de extent of de damages is unknown; seems we got hit all over, mainly flooding and landslides, but foh all we wickedness, ley we count we many blessings and not no Lucky Stars.

We are yet to get de small things right, like keeping head drains clear, cutting trees etc.{{more}}

What ah really want to touch dis week is how serious social issues can only be dealt with in ah pull-it-tek all context, mek headlines foh not even nine days and den: “Swept Under de Rug.” We sold out 36 acres of lands at Mt Wynn and Peters Hope wid beach, at less dan $ 5.00 per sq. ft. Interesting to know dat four years ago GECCU and NIS who own undeveloped lands next door widout beach, was valued at $ 8.00 per sq. ft. After dem experiences wid investors in Can-One and Buccama, we gone again, giving way we children’s legacy and birthright. No public debate so it gets “Swept Under de Rug!”

De Searchlight Midweek Papers gives me good ammo on dis “Swept Under de Rug” style ah politics. On Page 4: “Lady Janice Periera, Chief Justice of de East Caribbean Supreme Court (ECSC), reminds members of de Law fraternity dat de Court must be accessible, affordable and disputes resolved without excessive delay.” No serious debate by de social media was developed around dat! “Swept Under de Rug!” But on Page 3 de headline is: “Delay in NDP’s election petition not our fault” says Lawyer. Except foh NDP side claiming Fowl Play and de ULP side claiming Fool Play, dat seems “Swept under de Rug!” however Justice Periera’s call foh speedy justice stands.

Back Page Story: “FBI Probe?” A story headlined: “Three Vincentians with ties to FIFA allegedly questioned in Miami.” No doubt dat is about accountability foh FIFA’s money disbursed to Football in SVG. Another serious matter dat hopefully will get some vent on “Let’s talk Sports” Program on NICE Radio, before getting “Swept Under de Rug!”

Front Page story: “NY Town Hall Ruckus! Woman alleges inappropriate conduct against PM Gonsalves.” Lie-Za explained to me dat ah Ruckus is “ah disruptive commotion, noisy clamour, fracas!” When it was question time at de Town Hall meeting, ah young lady, born in Layou, asked ah question dat was actually an Accuse-say-shun dat changed de tone ah de Meeting, it was Ruc-shun! But dis is about de fourth time dat ah hear dis woman making dat statement on Radio, dis time she was in ah Public Forum in de USA. She has stuck to her story every time ah hear her, no add-it-shun no subtract-shun. Monday she was on NICE Radio saying dat she will be willing to tek ah Lie detect-her test. Lie-Za say not only should she be given ah Lie detector Test, she should be tested foh her mental stability.

In my limited encounters, I have met a number of women who held no punches in telling me dat dey were subjected to inappropriate conduct, ah-salt, rape, and even by whom. Dey all sound bitter, hurt beyond healing. One girl actually chanted dat her father was my friend, but he was nasty to her as ah child. My over-standing is dat where Rape is concerned, foh de men it is just ah physical chuck, release and go! But foh de woman it is different, it is ah scar, not an external scar like when ah thorn scratches her, heals and not even seen. Rape is real physical and mental puncture, deep inside dat ah Vict-him lives with forever. Rape is long suffering, and is known to pop-up suddenly and mentally showing its ugly head, spoiling ah great love making session. Foh ah Vict-him it could be déjà vu, ah sad reminder when she, and sometimes he hears about someone being Raped. Unfortunately dis allegation by de young lady at de Town Hall Meeting, is being treated like pull-it-to-kill football, one side praising her courage, de other side blazing her scourge. Even ULP lawyer, Ass-to-fan mek de Midweek headline: “Accuse-say-shun by woman against PM fits NDP’s Platform Agenda.” Lie-Za looking foh Headlines too, she say dis one call foh:”Another Rape Rally,” Too late Lie-Za it done get “Swept Under de Red Rug!”


De Love Vine says Fare-de-well to one of SVG’s most outstanding Musical Icons, Leo Anthony. He was an Unsung Hero, ah complete Musician/Teacher who could ah Read. Write, Play ‘n’ make musical instruments. He played just about every instrument dat was available to him, wind, string or skin, from Flute to Guitar to Drum. Leo played in the Church, Dance, Tent, International Concerts, Christening, Weddings and Funerals. His Music and Teaching skills were ah part of de North Leeward Landscape be it Folk, Calypso, Hymns, Classics any genre of Music he did not discriminate.

Once he took my Cautro from me and said: ” Let me show you how to play ah good Cuatro!” And he did show me ah-thing- ah- two. Except he didn’t have to be so boast-full. Teacher Leo played lively music wid sweet melody and tonal quality. He transmitted rhythm and body movement as he played. Ah could full ah page on my short thirty year friendship wid dis Maestro of ah musician. Ah Classmate of my father at Grammar School. Incidentally he was de second or third oldest “Ole Boy” when he died dis week at 95, Clem Iton should be de second oldest Ole Boy alive, and one Eldon Anderson 96, is de oldest still among us all, alive and well! De only instrument Leo never played is de Harp, I am sure he is already in Heaven plucking and strumming away on his brand new Harp! And wid dat is gone ah gone again.

One Love Bassy

Bassy Alexander is a land surveyor, folklorist and social commentator.