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Pull-it-tek-all ah-dull-tree


Permit me to mek my choice between mainland China, wid 1.4 billion people and break-away Tie-One, wid ah population of 24 million, about de same as Shanghai, China’s most populous city. Firstly ah want to recognize all dat Tie One has done and been doing foh SVG. Every PM of dis country has boasted of de long and valuable friendship dat SVG shared and still shares wid Tie-One. I am not interested in which country has de better deal to offer us, my concern is ah thing called Prince-Apple.{{more}}

Lickle Tie-One’s economy ranks 14 th in de world. Dey did not achieve dat status wid ah Begging Bowl. So like SVG, and T’n’T and Grenada and de whole ah Carry Come, Tie-One wants its well deserved international recognition. Successive Go-venom-mints of SVG have given full support at de UN foh Tie-One to be recognized. In return Tie-One has been giving us help when we call foh it. Our problem is dat we are led by people widout Vision whose policy is: “Why mind ah cow when yuh could get de milk free!” So dat every time we want milk we run to Tie-One wid we “Red Begging Bowl” (Ivan O’neal’s quote).

De records will show dat Tie-One spent ah lot ah years in SVG, and spent ah lot ah money as well, but can we say wid certainty dat Tie-One’s presence has impacted significantly on de lives of de lickle Farmers and Fisher-folks of SVG. Can we? Mangoes still blocking de drains, breadfruit knocking dog in de market. We to blame; we just keep producing, dey’s no immediate market and we lack manufacturing facilities.

Lie-Za is nobody’s fool she figures dat dis is ah pull-it-to-kill move. NDP gets no direct pull-it-tek-all mileage by supporting Tie-One whose contribute-shun to SVG helps to mek de ULP look good, and could help dem to win more elect-shuns fair or fear. NDP move reminds me of de woman who was living wid ah man who met all dat she demands; suddenly hears dat dey’s ah sweet man who treats all his women well, much better dan her present Home-boy. so she dumps him foh de new guy! Dat is cousin to Pull-it-to-kill Ah-dull-tree!


My maternal grandfather, Nathan Bailey aka Pah Naynee, was ah Pointer in de Spiritual Baptist who had his praise house at Richmond Hill. He was white and de surname Bailey means he was not only Irish descent but de only white-man pointer in Black People Religion. I however was brought up in de Salvation Army way my paternal grand-parents were Officers. So either way ah had it made. Choose de Salvation Army and become ah General or go wid Pah Naynee, band me head, go pon me knee wid ah candle in me hand and mourn, den become ah big man in de Spiritual Baptist. Except ah had to get pass PR. I am senior in age and therefore would ah bin Archbishop and he would ah have to settle foh Bishop Campbell.

Dah’s why ah couldn’t miss de article wid sister Erma Bobb in Searchlight’s midweek entitled: “Baptist woman predicts natural disaster will wreak havoc on SVG.” her face looks familiar, probably ah met her someway in de spirit. But ah smile at her pre-dick-shu because ah remember how de Pry-minister did beat up pon ah Spiritual Baptist, who had predicted something un-fair-foh-able bout de ULP. De PM narrowed down dis vision thing to eating ah set ah food late at night and den go lie down, when de food ride dey stomach (indigestion) , dey does get night mares and den wake up say dey had vision.” Quite frankly de PM is correct, except to say all ah we does over eat when night come, go lie down, and when de food done ride we, we jump up say we too have vision. Lie-za say de Pry-ministers does get nuff nightmares dah he calls vision foh running dis country: “De cross country road, de turn-ill thru Cane Garden; new city at Arnos Vale; de Stay-dum at Die-man; de Mas Camp at Arnos Vale; de Die-Alice-sis at Georgetown; de umteen visions he has had foh de correct date foh de opening ah de Argyle International Airport. Lie-za still wants to know what late-night snack he had last year October 26, de night before In-deep-an-dance when he delivered yet another pre-dick-shun of ah hysterical arrival at Argyle Airport of thousands of Vincent-shun Football fans, to witness SVG vs de USA World Cup 2018 return match. Now week after next Monday is Labour Day, and Lie-za is holding him to dat promise, she begging him foh ah ride to Argyle when he goes to receive de USA football team at Argyle. Is one vision dat keeps eluding de PM and dat is “ah shift ah de E-con-amy from minus growth to a positive digit. dat will be de day

But dey’s just one fun-dah-men-tell error in de Spiritual Baptist sister’s vision. De date and time of dis pending disaster done pass since December 9, eight months ago. Ames seven million dollars tax get away is an E-can-nah-mek Disaster. Ah wonder how disastrous is de NDP’s latest disclosure dat dey no longer wid de ULP in support foh Tie-One, dey supporting Tie-Two Mainland China. And wid dat is gone again,

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Bassy Alexander is a land surveyor, folklorist and social commentator.