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Nah push dah bill, Ralph


About nine weeks ago, in one ah my June articles, ah wrote about de Fear-less, Ordan Graham’s fame-us Court Case, when he was charged foh Sedition “ah Crime of inciting revolt against Go-venom-mint.”

Ordan spoke at ah public meeting at Buccama, in support ah de Rasta Bread-wins who were defying both de proposed Infestors of de Hotel Resort at Buccama and de Gonsalves ULP, from taking over de lands dey occupied and cultivated. Ah quoted from Ordan’s statement: “Dr Gonsalves I know you will get this tape.{{more}} Ordan is asking you, begging you to rethink your Draconian Policies in this country, otherwise Blood would run in de country, Blood would run in this country!”. In dat same Article ah took pains to research and explain: “de word Draconian comes from ah tyrant named Draco, de celebrated (650 BC) Law-giver of Athens under whose rule, small offenses had harsh punishments. In de Article ah did explain dat according to Folklore, Draco was at ah Theatre, when his supporters in praise ah de man threw so many hats and shirts and cloaks on his head dat he suffocated, died and was buried on de spot. Wow!

Mek ah long story short, Ordan won his case, So will Kaisonian I-Mad Scrubb! De Go-venom-mint had no shame, dey appealed de decision in Ordan’s Case and lost as well.

Ah week after ah wrote de Article on Ordan, ah wrote ‘bout de Cyber Crime Bill. Ah said dat it was necessary but it stinks of Draconian Blood. Here is ah paragraph from dat Article and I quote: “Ah was not surprised when ah heard de PM taking pains to explain ah Cyber Crime Bill he intends to pass into Law. It is ah necessary Bill but it has serious Draconian elements in it. Only last week we went down dat road when ah come-peer de PM wid Draco, de 650 BC Law-giver of Athens. Lie-Za has read de Bill and she thinks it is necessary, but she scents ah tone of agress-shun in de PM’s present-here-shun. He is obviously hurt wid de amount of warranted and sometimes unwarranted Cyber Bullying he been getting, so like ah student of Draco himself, dis is his time to hit back like some kind ah Cyber Bully Breaker.” End of quote.

Ah recommended dat dey should be lengthy discussions on de Bill, like how de Constitution Committee went de length and breath ah SVG, discussing de proposed New Constitution, nah mind it was rejected. Ah also appealed to Cyber Bullies and violators of de many offenses listed in de Bill, to get into de discussion, Learn how to use Cyber Space wisely and positively, discuss de entire Bill and most of all de Penalties.”

Seems like de Draconian elements of de Cyber Crime Bill have attracted de attention of de International Press and other Agencies for preservation of Law and De-muck-we-see. At least three ah dem have been pushing Fire pon Gonsalves, and he is now on ah Retreat or is it ah Recheat. Gone-soft knows de history of Vincentians Polly-ticks. He knows we are of ah volcanic nature. On important matters like Bills, we usually appear quiet, we go to bed ah didn’t say “go to sleep, but when we smell de Coffee, dat’s when we does jump up and explode like when La Soufriere erupt. In 1935, dey had de Tax Bill dat called foh an increase in basic items down to matches. De people invaded Par-liar-mint, den took to de street. De PM wrote ah comprehensive doc-yuh-mint on de event surround de 1935 historic Event. Riot over we went back to Bed till Cato became too comfortable, boasted dat he had de “strongest Go-venom-mint in de world,” he introduced de fear-most Draconian piece ah legislation, de Dread Bills, Vincentians jump out de Bed, took to de street, mek Cato pull back de Bill. He again woke up Vincentians in 1984 when he tried to introduce another Bill, de three percent tax, and dat took him to his pull-it-to-kill grave.

Mitchell looked harmless, so Vincentians went back to Bed again, but he miscalculated and introduced ah pen-shun Bill, Vincentians woke up foh de umteenth time. Mitchell looked at his crystal bawl and all he saw was coffins. He took an ODD group to Grenada wid Gonsalves at de hell’m; de rest is His-story. Gonsalves is to smart to force dat Cyber Crime Bill pon us, not widout comprehensive amendments.


Farewell to Commissioner Charles, ah humble and respectful gentleman. He was by nature ah singer, folk and country. And ah want to welcome de new Commissioner. Lie-Za likes him she say he’s handsome, powerful voice and nice strong teeth dat suggests dat his Bark will be as good as his Bite. He should Add Value to de Force, except, she says, he “Had-ah-way” but before he gets his leter of appointment Ralph will mek sure he visits de Dentist and have both upper and lower dentures removed.

My add-vice ti de New kid on de block is dat he insist dat every morning at 6:00 am, dey must be Devotion, every officer must participate. Secondly dey must be more socializing and Police participation in community activities: Police vs de Community in Cricket, Football, Netball, Dominoes. Let de community see de Police as normal people and not only as Gun slingers pon open vehicles. And wid dat is gone ah gone again.

One Love Bassy

Bassy Alexander is a land surveyor, folklorist and social commentator.