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Nah shun all puppet trees


Dis is one week dat ah don’t have much to write bout, except dat just when de nation is about to vent we disgust over de sudden deport-here-shun of dat noble Vin-sin-shun citizen, Dennis Ames of Buccama Fame, de ULP decide to dis-track we wid ah side-show called: “Victim-eyes Anti-Ann.” And hear who doing de “dutty wuk” de Nah-shun-all Puppet-trees cheered by Ah-licks-under, Lie-Za say dat ain’t sound like no name, dat sound like ah position! Ah have not seen Anti-Ann’s evict-shun letter, but de Board is managed one Hally Do-gone, my school-mate.{{more}} He was ah talented cricketer, wicket-keeper/ batsman, most of all very vocal and outspoken, dat was yesterday. Today at three score and fifteen he’s half de man he used to be. De Hally Dougan I knew would ah never entertain de evict-shun of Anti-Ann, not in dat way! But ULP has ah cadre ah senior citizens, de Benevolent Club chered by Sir Vincent wid Sir Louis, Ballah, Burns, Crick, ah didn’t know dat Hally dey bout still, he and Hen-drake,retired speaker now NPL cheerman.


Anti-Ann has been my since-here friend foh over 50 years, ah called and told her not to worry; dat if de Good Lord wants her to leave Cobblestone, is because He got something better in store foh her. Who knows? Lie-Za warn me to stay out ah de Royal Family Bizz-nest, how ole people say: “blood thicker dan water!” And : “cousin does mek does’n oops, dozen!”

Lie-Za say how dey had big Family Reunion and cousin-Ann dance wid cousin-Julie-Ann; how cousin Ralph hug-up cousin-Ann and told de gather-in, dat lots ah people don’t know dat way back in Sir James time, he and Ann switch relay-shun-shift from cousins to “Ants.” She is Anti-Ralph and he is Anti-Ann! He got plans to Ann-ah her wid ah big Awe-Ward foh In-deep-and-dence. Foh uninterrupted loyalty over de last 30 years, she getting de Anti-Ralph Awe-Award! He personally checked her records. When ULP took over 15 years ago, in 2005 she was given de shops and boutique on de ground floor dat were converted into bedroom suites. Anti-Ann’s contribution was over one hundred thousand dollars from B& L. Dat year de rent was also increased by 80% and now stands close to three hundred thousand dollars ah year. Of course in these hard ULP times, ah late payment hey-an-dey is understandable. Dis worthy Anti-Ralph Awe-ward recognizes Cobblestone’s $14,000 monthly electricity bill; de Income Tax and VAT paid; Wukers PAYE as Staff gets salaries up-front; no records of Cobblestone wukers taking industrial action.

Can de Go-venom-mint say de same about Buccama where dey enjoy tax free concessions except VAT, NIS and wukers PAYE. But de company’s big man, Businessman, Dennis Ames withdrew de VAT, NIS, PAYE to de tune of seven million dollars; but he failed to pay those monies into de Treasury. He had to be summoned by de Courts, to answer to charges of teefing Go-venom-mint Revenue. He dodged de Court hearing and was able to leave de country legally using de remote port of entry at Shatto.

How come is only in SVG these white investors could rip us off and escape: Na-No gone, in Jail sum-way; whatever became ah Wise, and now Dennis Ames? De Immigration Officer’s antenna should ah picked up ah signal when Ames turned up all de way from ET Joshua to Port Shatto to get Immigration clearance, and ah speed boat waiting to rush him out. Dey should ah seized his Passport and send him back to answer his Court Charges.

Everybody was waiting to hear how de PM blow steam and had heads, (from de Immigration boss to de Officer on duty), rolling’n’tossing foh allowing ah con-man, wanted by de Courts foh steling Go-venom-mint monies to escape legally! Instead he side step de issue by telling Reporters dat Ames left de country legally.

Yes Ames got away foh ah $8 million offrence but Bailiff hounded down Anti-Ann wid eject-shun notice to emit de premises in two months, after 30 years of occupancy. And to tek shame out ah he face de PM saying dat de Cobblestone property will be opened foh tenders. Lie-Za wants to know how come Nah-shun-all Puppet-Trees did not invite tenders when de CSY/Blue Lagoon Hotel Marina at Canash was handed on ah platter to de occupants, not Anti-Ralph foh sure.

Ah listened to all de comments on dis Anti-Ann issue; de Nah-shun-all Puppet-Tree, party Talk-show Radio hosts and so on. Objectivity has no place in de discussion just Anti- Ralph and Anti-Arm-in . Some of these folks blinded by party loyalty, have wasted and continue wasting dey whole life, selling manhood and licking Balls. Dey have tried nothing, not even ah mauby cart, so dey have nothing to show foh it, their job is to shoot down de messenger foh de crumbs from de Taxpayers table. My piece dis week will be ah talking point, but Ah challenge anyone ah dem to read dis paragraph and say : “Bassy can’t be talking to me!” Except Frank Da Silva, he is de exception; he speaks his mind, never mind he jiggery: hey today, and dey tomorrow. And wid dat is gone h gone again.

One Love Bassy

Bassy Alexander is a land surveyor, folklorist and social commentator.