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Time up; send way yuh got!


Satan is ah busy man, eh. Ah tek me time write me article foh dis week and Bam! De whole article disappear; ah search all through de computer, no article. And what is frightening it is not edited foh Lie-Bill and it might end up in Cyber Space. So as fast and as best as ah can, under de circumstances, ah will start ah write ah second article, until de Editor say: “Time up; send way yuh got!”

What ah remember ah was writing is bout Buccama Resort and de set ah neg-ah-teef publicity de Investors have brought to Sin-Vin-Sin.{{more}} De high Courts of England and Wales was here last week to hear evidence in Harlequin/ Buccama’s US $70 million claim for negligence against its former accountants and auditors. And Satan always knows when to show up. Dey he was just when Ames (Buccama Boss-man) was giving evidence, Bailiff went looking foh him wid ah Warrant to arrest him. De Newspaper Headlines read big and bold: “Developer and Lawyer on Multiple Criminal Charges!”

But is like some-buddy tipped of Ames and told him dat if he check de records and de people involved, he will see dat one Nah-no was just about to be arrested by FBI, but was able to tek ah speed boat and disappear. Lie-Za say Monday morning when de Courts was looking foh Ames to answer Criminal Charges foh stealing or borrowing without consent, Go-venom-mint Taxes, amounting to over two million dollars, he was nowhere to be found, another speed boat getaway!

And to wind up ah bad week, dey was ah Carnival Rum Fete at Buccama Beach, nothing to do wid de Resort except de Venue; But satan like he didn’t know dat Ames did done tek he belly mek boat and gone; Yuh know satan went down dey and set de Resort wukers on Strike.

Is two things ah wondering about, one is if Ames ever read de Bible verse dat says: “Surely yuh sins will find yuh!” And secondly: “Did he ever hear bout ah Circus dat went all over de world, success following de Circus everywhere dey went until de landed in Sin-Vin-Sin. Dey run out ah money, when hunger hit de animals, de Lion cried crocodile tears and Syl De Freitas bought most ah de animals to save dem from starvation. After overstaying dey time, de Circus went Bankrupt. Sin-vin-sin mash-up ah Circus. So Buccama ah warning yuh, watch out!


And dis is de Carnival weekend, Ah special welcome home to visitors. Trust me de country is doing well, people got money but dey only willing to spend it on de very best and most expensive. We no longer pushing foh de Street Party on Heritage Square every night, no more hanging out by dem Street Bars and Ice Buckets and Bar-B-Q under de galleries. People are going foh Class! $250.00 and $ 300.00 all inclusive and exclusive Parties. And de crowds are swallowing dem up.

Maybe as an after thought, de Kaisonians and Massmen would love to see yuh faces at Victoria Park during de CDC Shows. Your presence might very well save Vincy Mas. So come out and support. And If yuh into betting, Lie-Za is doing ah betting game. Like she got it all rigged, somebuddy in de ULP must have told her how to win at any cost. She has Blondie Bird and Friends foh Band ah de Year, Starlift again foh Pan and she stuck wid de Kaisonians: Scakes is outfront she says, she not teking her eyes off Sulle; ah asked her what about Scarpyan and de reigning Monarch, she say de Judges under pressure foh Tempo Kaiso, which might not go down well foh dem. Den she ask me who is my King , ah tell she ah jumping up stage side wid Julie-Ann and de ULP crowd when Patches go up to sing. Den she ask what am I going to say when Patches ask : “Yuh Love Me? Yuh Love me Not! Ah tell she ah going shout big and bawl “Labour Love! Four In ah Row! Do enjoy Vincy Mas. De Editor calling to tell me: “Time up, send way yuh got!”. And wid dat is gone ah gone again!

One Love Bassy

Bassy Alexander is a land surveyor, folklorist and social commentator.