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Hand plat rope, rope tie hand


Ah got an invitation from Lie-Za to visit dis new Club in which she is ah member. She said it’s really ah Social Club wid ah difference, way decent human beings meet to Interact and hold healthy discussions; Exchange I-dares; Share Information; Provide Support foh each other; even go Shopping and Conduct Business, Direct Act-shuns, Create Artistic Media, Play Games, Engage in Pull-it-tek-all Discussions. In de Club, people get carried away and end up in serious exchanges and fight. She knows people who date each other and get married. And of course dey’s always de people who will ‘mash up ah circus’ wid obscenity and even sex-shall misconduct at times.{{more}} When ah asked her what is de membership fee, she said: “It’s Free, but all de organ-I-say-shun expects of you is to conduct yo-self in an exemplary manner, good behave-yah and be respectful, above all avoid being abusive in any form, verbal, physical, emotional, sex-shall to other members ah de Club.” Ah became excited instantly and told her ah was ready: “just tell me de place and time foh de next meeting,” ah said. Den she told me ah meeting was in progress right dis moment, and de address is at ah strange place called, Cyberspace. She was willing to accompany me as far as de entrance where someone will tek me to ah place called Google, and from dey ah can get information way all de members does lime: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Yutube, every day dey’s ah new domain.

Ah did as Lie-Za suggested and from de moment word got around dat ah was in de room way de Facebook dey, people from all over welcomed me and invited me to sign dey autograph. Meetings can be time consuming, yuh can get carried away and spend hours chatting wid friends, keeping up wid de latest, not to men-shun lots ah gossiping of course.

So ah spending quality time in space, Cyber Space. However ah notice dat some folks enjoy using de medium foh all manner ah wrong doings including terror-eyes-in others wid truths and untruths, wid or widout proof. And de offended can do nothing, so it’s called Cyber Bulling oops, Cyber Bullying.

While dey’s no Law Courts in Cyber Space, dey’s ah thing called Cyber Crime and those who are caught Cyber Bullying, could be tried in ah Criminal Court on Mother Earth. Even predators like de Hawks and Eagle dah does terror-eyes other birds, kidnap and devour dey babies, dey will disappear into another Space but does still get caught, dey must return to Mother Earth.

So ah was not surprised when ah heard de PM taking pains to explain ah Cyber Crime Bill he intends to pass into Law. It is ah necessary Bill but it has serious Draconian elements in it. Only last week we went down dat road when ah come-peer de PM wid Draco, de 650 BC Law-giver of Athens. Lie-Za has read de Bill and she thinks it is necessary, but she scents ah tone of agress-shun in de PM’s present-here-shun. He is obviously hurt wid de amount of warranted and sometimes unwarranted Cyber Bullying he been getting, so like ah student of Draco himself, dis is his time to hit back like some kind ah Cyber Bully Breaker.

Ah still reading de Bill, ah hope dey will be lengthy discussions on it, like how de Constitution Committee went de length and breath ah SVG, discussing de proposed New Constitution dat was rejected. Ah will however like to warn Cyber Bullies and violators of de many offenses listed in de Bill, to get into de discussion, now is de time to use Cyber Space wisely and positively, discuss de entire Bill and most of all de Penalties. And believe me stiff penalties is an understatement. Penny and five cent VAT on Salt is ah joke; in dis Cyber Crime Bill, penalties vary foh accessing someone’s computer, dey’s ah “summarily convict-shun to ah fine of two hundred thousand dollars or to imprisonments of three years or to both. And foh ah convict-shun on indictment de penalty doubles, half ah million dollars or seven years in jail, or to both.” Remember E.G Lynch and Nice Radio was charged quarter million dollars. Nah worry, ‘ole people’ say: “Hand plat rope and de same rope come back and tie de same hand. T-day fee me and T-morrow fee yuh, every Bore Hog got he sat-day wid de butchers.” And wid dat is gone ah gone again.

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Bassy Alexander is a land surveyor, folklorist and social commentator.