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Is Mister Clean ah nasty man?


Ah believe dat ah number of Talk Show Hosts (not all of dem) in dey passion and love foh dey country, would occasionally cross de edge at times, in exposing de truth. All is well and dandy when de truth is pleasing to our ears, but is ah horse of ah different colour when de truth exposes our misconduct, especially those entrusted with de responsibility of running de ah-fears ah de country.{{more}}

Having said dat mouth full, let me be upfront, anybody who is in touch wid de corrupt-shun and Nasty-ness taking place in SVG’s Politics, won’t expect to find de name Arm-in Eustace associated wid Nasty Politics. Arm-in has been christened over and renamed Mr Clean, ah name dat he has earned for himself and cherishes. Seems however dat yuh could call him Bawl Head, Big Belly, Use-less whatever come to de lips, but don’t say Mr Clean is ah Nasty Man. Dah’s why Nasty Man Bing, Talk Show Host on Boom Radio Early Morning Program, touched a nerve when he referred to de only Mr Clean in Politics as ah Nasty Man.

Ole people say: “what is joke foh school pickney is death foh crappow,” but ah find dis Lickle Side Show amusing. Ah was listening to Bing when he interviewed Dr Linton Lewis. Now Bing is ah real Nasty Man, aided and abetted by Stephen Joke-him, as de host, he gets de guest to say things dat he can use to mek mischief. So ah was not surprised on de morning after Dr Lewis’ interview, he was on Boom Radio beating-up pon Arm-In, calling him among other names “Eustace is ah Nasty Man!” Of course it sounded offensive and disrespectful. But de following day de NDP wrote Nasty Man Bing ah strong rebuttal, straightened him out, correcting him in de process. Ah think as Nasty Man as Bing might want to be, he was wounded and deflated by de reprimand from NDP. He immediately apologized, sounded like he was both mad wid Dr Lewis and ashamed of de fact dat he had to humble-up to Mr Clean, his whipping horse every morning. Lie-Za beg me stay out ah dat “whipping horse every morning part” between Nasty Man Bing and his father-in-Law Sir Nansi-I on one side, and Mr Clean Arm-In on de other. Dat is ah Plat!

Even de PM got involved, he called Boom Radio consoling Nasty Man Bing, giving him credence for his use of “Figure of Speech.” De PM calls it ah Metaphor, “not to be taken literally.” Lie-Za wants me to remind de PM about de half ah dozen Metaphors foh which Dug-he of Nice Radio was hauled into Courts; and what about when EG Lynch did wrong him wid ah “Metaphoric Statement” and was hauled along wid Dug-he again to Courts, dey were fined ah quarter million dollars. Ah real do so nah like so. E.G never catch he-self after dat!

So ah calling on Arm-In to avoid being caught up wid Side-Shows, command respect but don’t be accused of stifling freedom of speech on Radio and de Press. Do not go foh Nasty Man Bings’ jug-yuh-law; Bing had openly apologized long before he was reprimanded by de NDP. Arm-in and NDP could do widout Bing’s money, unless he plans like de others, to gain mileage and say he’ll donate de money to church and charity!


Can-One will be hot topic foh ah long time. As ole people say what gone wrong ah morning can’t come good ah evening. Mitchell and de NDP gave away 1,200 acres almost two-thirds ah de island. Now dat de stable gates closed and de horse dey running freely outside de stable, everybody only now ready to read de Can-One Agreement. Imagine in Can-One, ah Lessee selling and issuing Freehold Title to lands. Ah got to revise my Land Surveying Course.

De school on Can-One has serious structural problems, de building cracking-up. Brag-star (Go-venom-mint) engineers went down, inspected de building, de Min of Education published ah statement suggesting dat under regular use, there are no major signs of failure dat de school is in any immediate threat of collapse. However, ah read in IWitness News dat de Teachers Union, ah responsible organ-I-say-shun, had de building inspected by an Engineer and ah Contractor who, reported dat cracks showing de foundation is being removed and walls are bursting; de walls are unstable and detaching, and de building is ah catastrophe waiting to happen. De union has warned Teachers and by extension, children, to turn up to school but stay clear of de building. Here we have two teams of experts, reporting de same findings but offering different recommendations. Ah brand new building collapsed at Clare Valley, it didn’t have ah crack! Would any big man in society have sent dey child to dat Can-One Go-venom-mint school.

No proper school in Can-One, no proper Medical Clinic either; in de meantime Developers fighting locals foh beach rights, building cottages across de beach dat preventing people from passing. But dey wasting no time advertising Can-One lands at US$7.5 million per acre, dat is $US172.00 or EC$450.00 per sq. ft. Oh what ah mess dis country dey in! And wide dat is gone ah gone again.

One Love Bassy

Bassy Alexander is a land surveyor, folklorist and social commentator.