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Claim yuh senior citizens discount


De song, “Chicago” by Frank Sinatra is one of my fair-foh-it Oldies. Somehow de lines in dat song dat ah love is: “They have a time, the time of they life, I saw a man he danced with his wife, In Chicago, Chicago my home town.”

Well Sinatra should ah bin at Young Island last Tuesday night to see me and me wife doing we own thing, certainly not to “Chicago” but Winston Soso’s “I don’t mind!”{{more}}

Of course it got to be ah very special occasion like ah Diamond or Silver Anniversary, wedding or birthday, foh people to be Fete-in past mid-night, in de middle ah de week as though dey ain’t plan to go to wuk de next day. Yes, it was de CEO/Madam Editor’s “Big 50.” She had slipped out ah de country to tek ah much needed break. Editing ah Newspaper wid two publications weekly, is physically and mentally challenging, it involves sleepless nights, especially on de night before production. But man started to grumble silently, when man realized dat de CEO was gone on vacation, and was going to be away foh ah whole month, including her Big Day, it didn’t sound like Clare. So questions bout ah Birthday Bashment started to mek de rounds. But de family had Big news foh her, dey got de correct date and time of her return, and went ahead and planned ah Big Something foh de same Night of her arrival.

Newspaper people are newsy and nosey too, so dey allowed her no time to go scooping around to hear if and what are de plans foh her weekend. Wid just enough time to clear Customs, freshen up, she was told de family had planned ah belated dinner whenever she arrived. She add-myths dat she was ah bit tired and hungry and something simple like dat was OK. Even when de small family group headed for young Island Docks, dey was no surprise. But Alas! When she stepped onto Young Island, all her friends were waiting to ambush her. Yes she sensed something was up, but dat sea of white had her confused, everybody was requested to wear “dey whitest white!” so much so dat Bamba Providence felt like odd man out wid his dark coloured shirt, he disappeared, and in quick time returned decked in full white. Tek Lie-Za to notice dat de shirt was short and fitted so tightly, she said dat Provy must have borrowed ah white shirt from de Young Island Barmen!

De food at Young Island was good. De only thing is dat lately if ah eat too late, especially bread, jumbie does ride me all night (indigestion!) Ah was tempted to go foh seconds but my villager, D.J Canno was jamming some nice music foh de “Not so young anymore!” ah decided to stay light foh when de “shake ah leg” time came.

De speeches were short and friendly, like if dey were edited. Nobody bothered to heckle de Honoured Guest except her Nanny “Bub-ah-lups” who cared her from age four. But when it was her time to respond she took full liberty. In ah way we were reminded dat Surprise Birthday Party is about friends, even those whom we might not have seen in years, but have nevertheless remained true friends. Dey were many such patrons on Tuesday Night. So Clare took time out to recognize just about everyone, who in one way or de other would have touched her life. Her friends from Prep School days, thru High School, away from home at University. Her Teachers, room-mates, aunties and uncles biological and adopted. Her staff and colleagues at Searchlight who are now like family, came in foh high praises.

De ambience was as perfect as it can get. Ah felt like former Lybian leader, Gadaffi dining under ah fancy tent on de white sand beach listening to de sound of de trickling tide moving back and forth. Ah trying to remember what ah had foh dinner, was either White Wine and Red Snapper, or was it Red Wine and White Snapper, whatever, ah didn’t stand God-Father. And ah must big up Toya De Roche John and her team again, foh her organizing skills. Dis is ah lady who would be an asset on de Beauty Show Committee. Ley me nah get her in any hot water. And foh de latest member of de Over 50 Club, you can now claim your senior citizen’s discount. At times you will be flattered when de cashier challenges you by saying: “ Are you over fifty? Can I see your ID?” But it might hurt when de cashier takes one quick look at yuh, nods her head as if to say “yuh look fifty and even more!” Live every day Clare! And wid dat is gone ah gone again

One Love Bassy

Bassy Alexander is a land surveyor, folklorist and social commentator.