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De go-venom-mint salt


Foh not going into Par-liar-mint and debate de 2016 Budget, de NDP throw away ah golden opportunity to drive de last nail in de ULP’s coffin. When ah Go-venom-mint gone so low as to tax basic food items, down to pot Salt, is ah clear indication dat de country in ah serious Financial dilemma, Lie-Za say she knows long time de ULP Go-venom-mint Salt! Man over de years de real Budget De-bait begins when Eustace replies to Ralph.{{more}} And dis year would ah bin Fire and Brimstone! It was de Weakest presentation by any Go-venom-mint. De public wanted to hear ULP’s pose-he-shun on Mrie Warner vs Bananas. Will dey keep de elect-shun promise to match NDP’s plan, to pay Farmers $ 500.00 ah month, to plant 1000 acres of new Banana lands? Terrance Ollivierre could ah invite de PM to accompany Kaisonian Gabby back to Can-One to sing foh de developers: “Jah Beach is Mine”. Lie-Za say it’s time de Awe-position carry Gabby down to Can-One to sing as ah reminder.

Surely we would have liked to hear Leacock remind de PM of his In-dip-and-dance Day speech or promise, dat de USA Football Team will be playing ah return match at Arnos Vale, on de second ah February, no such game is on FIFA schedule. Den thousands of Vin-sent-shuns were landed at Argyle Inter-nah-shun-all Airport to witness dat Match. Charter flights from all over will be flying in. “It will be Labour Day in Brooklyn all over again” he said.

We needed to hear Nature Stephenson challenge de de-criminal-I-say-shun of Miss Marie Warner; and to warn all Gang-jah Farmers, primarily de Rastas dat we are about to be sold out again. Surely he would ah reminded de Rasta too, when de PM had promised to haunt and hunt dem down, till de exist no more in de hills. Now he flip-flopping again, all of ah sudden Miss Marie Warner is ah beautiful lady, she is no way as destructive as dat Mr Lack-ah-tan and Miss Grow Michelle. These questions are just ah few which people wanted raised in Par-liar-mint, but dey was no one in Par-liar-mint to stop Ralph and his men beating dey one Drum and dancing to dey own Off-beat, Off-time, Off-rhythm. ULP missed de Awe-position as much as we did.

His-story will tell whether or not de NDP is doing de right thing to Boy-cut Par-liar-mint. Ah done write say already, dat de NDP got ah Case in de High Court dat will ultimately decide if de ULP stole de Elections from dem. Already it is confirmed dat de Christian Council and de NMCM had warned de Go-venom-mint to stop sharing out Galvanize and Lumber during de Calm-Pain, stating it was an abuse of State Resources. De PM replied was “No Way!” Lie-Za say he told dem: “I’ll do it my Way!”

But no matter how much evidence and proof of fraud NDP got, until dat Case is heard and de High Court or Privy Council rules, de people’s elected Awe-position has an obligation to honour dey Oath of office “so help me God.” Dey may walk out but not Boy-cut Par-liar-mint indefinitely.

If dey was one time dat de Awe-position should ah Boy-cut Par-liar-mint, was when dey were literally and physically thrown out ah de sitting and dashed down de stairs. Dat was ah dastardly Act, cruel and wicked. As ah result Hon Daniel Cummings suffered serious injury to his back, dat required surgery in T’n’T. De Awe-position should not have gone back into de House until de Speaker, Alexander as well as de Policemen on duty, who carried out Alexander’s instructions, were made to answer and apologize to de Awe-position, and those who sustained injuries should be compensated.


Ah just warning dem Rastas who might be fooling demselves into believing dat de De-criminal-I-say-shun of Marie Warner will mek dey life ah bed-ah-roses. Dey are about to be tricked again by white far-reign investors. De Act or Bill will be passed and de white man, some of whom are here already will call de shots. Listening to de self appointed Awe-position Bing Joseph and Stephen Joachim on Boom Radio, ah heard ah white far-reign-yah, Mr Jeff and ah Rasta delegation discussing de De-criminal-I-say-shun of Marie Warner foh medicinal purposes; and my take is dat dey setting dem-selves up foh ah big fall.

De Marie Warner Farmers must get dem-selves to-gather, get de Association up and running. Dey need legal add-vice and dey must familiarize demselves wid de Jah-mek-her Legislation. De-criminal-I-say-shun is not ah free foh all exercise. Man might find dey tail in jail foh planting de herb illegally, de question is, who or what constitutes ah legal Marie Warner Farmer!

Now my primary Wish is dat de Act will wipe dem youth-men names off de Criminals Records foh Marie Warner offences. Ah was pleased to hear Justice Brew-Sly, retired High Court Judge talking to Bing on Boom Radio, open-minded and honest as always, he admitted dat as ah youthman, not now eh, he tried de “spliff.” So my second Wish is dat de Act will allow me to get some ah de high-bred Marie Warner seedlings, dat de Canadian White man brought. Ah wuking on ah Maria Warner Brew wid honey, de real thing foh ole people like me and Justice Brew—-Sly. And wid dat is gone ah gone again.

One Love Bassy

Bassy Alexander is a land surveyor, folklorist and social commentator.