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Time wasting wid gun charges


Much is being said about Gun Play or playing wid Guns. De first story as ah got it, is dat during de Elect-shuns calm-pain, Carlos James, de ULP Candidate foh North Leeward found himself in ah Rum Shop with his supporters at Petit Bordel. Dey was ah clash of NDP supporters outside, and de ULP supporters inside de shop. {{more}}

De incident escalated to ah bottle throwing scene wid Carlos cornered inside de shop. Luckily foh him, he had in his possession ah firearm which I believe is licensed, in fact by having his gun, he was simply adhering to de add-vice dat de Police gives to every new licensed gun owner, that is ” protect yo-self, you are responsible for your firearm at all times!” So Carlos in ah ‘public place’ understandably took out his Gun in an effort to defend himself, blasted ah few shots, in de air. Dey was no report of anybody getting shot by Gun on dat day, time and place. In my goat-skin book of Laws, dey’s nothing for which Carlos could be charged.

De next story is ah post Elect-shuns demon-stray-shun outside Par-liar-mint. Supporters from both de ULP and de NDP came down to dingolay. No bottle throwing, but lots ah booing and jeering. De crowd had de Police busy, hundreds ah supporters from either side forcing to break de restriction line, but is like dey were gunning foh bend Exeter. He got into ah scuffle, and in de pulling and tugging, his licensed Gun in de holster dat was tucked in his pants waist, was exposed. Everything was taking place in de eyes ah de public, in other words, like Carlos’ situation, Exeter was in ah public place wid his licenced gun. Ah have not read or heard any report dat Exeter reached or attempted to pull foh his Gun. Had he done such ah foolish thing he would ah been his-story today. But is like when de Police saw de Gun dey saw ah stick ah ‘die-nah-might’ or ah ‘hand grenade’ ready to blow-up de place. Dey bend Exeter, arrested him, clapped on him ah few charges foh resisting arrest and bruising ah Police, while he himself ended up wid ah few bruises. However, very interestingly dey was no charge back den foh carrying or having ah lie-sin Firearm in public.

Ah wonder way Lie-Za does get her story from, but she say dat when Exeter was being subdued at de station, she heard ah Police cry foh “Advantage!” She says dat Police is now transferred, but is only Lie-Za alone ah hear dat one from, so yuh know how much discount ah giving dat statement.

It seems all along dat dey intend to bend Exeter till he brakes. Imagine dat two weeks after his arrest, de police has now charged him foh carrying his firearm in Public. Lie-Za firmly believes dat was only after de Prime Minister made reference to de Public Order Act, in particular de section under which Exeter is charged, dat de Police went looking to bend Exeter wid de Fireams charge.


It is now ah month and ah week since de Elect-shuns and de country like it ain’t wake up yet. No sign ah wuk on de road except de Leeward Highway. Lots ah talk bout Bananas, but when will we see de coming into effect de ULP Elect-shun promise to put 2,000 acres ah Bananas in cultivation, and subsidize 1,000 new farmers. Honestly, de only sign of ‘Light’ in de country is ah reduct-shun in de Light Bills. Finally de steady fall in oil prices de world over, is being reflected in de ‘few-ill’ surcharge column in our Light Bill in SVG. And from all indication wid I-ran now dumping more cheap oil on de market, our Light Bills should be going back to de good ole days ah cheaper electricity, but dah’s easier said dan seen. Anyhow ah have to big-up Vinlec’s manager, torn-knee My-as, is it one “s” or two? What about de price of petrol/gasoline when is dat going to be reduced? Seems like too much time is being spent dealing wid ah simple protest and no real business taking place, Mr PM, Elect-shins are over, nothing happening, de place like ah ghost pass thru, time to get de country moving again. And wid dat is gone ah gone again.

One Love Bassy

Bassy Alexander is a land surveyor, folklorist and social commentator.