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Ah pre-dick-ah-change ah government


Five more chopping days before de Pull-it-to-kill X-mas, note ah didn’t say Christmas, which will come 16 days after. Oh what ah set ah vicious people we have become.

De Radio Stay-shuns running wild! Sex-See tapes! VDO clippings! it’s disgusting, de things dat Greed foh Power will mek we do to each other.{{more}} De Pry-minister and de Awe-position Leader make interesting study. One black de other white; both Raced thru de halls of de most prestigious Secondary School around, Arm-in was ahead by two or three years, both ah dem made it to de Sixth Form (A-Level) and went on to higher eddy-care-shun and got dey choice Degrees and Doc-to-rate. Arm-in became ah Banker at CDB, de PM, first ah Lecturer at UWI den lawyer. At home de post of Manager of de People’s Estate became vacant. People’s Estate is way de people is Boss, de people hire Manager and staff and fire dem whenever necessary. Every five yers, de Manager gives an account of his stewardship so de Bosses decide whether or not dey will renew de Manager’s contract.

Arm-in got ah chance to act as Manager and within six months, his successor, de PM got de Bosses (people) to fire Arm-in and hire him instead. Of course de new Manager would have had his long stay in de Pull-it-to-kill Wilderness” “Sheltering” under Yulimo, ULP and his own MNU all dead!, den “Ambushing” Star-Key John and finally “Hijacking” and Killing de Labour Party to form de ULP.

To mek ah long story short, de new Manager gave de Bosses hope, he promised to wuk “Together Now” but dat turned out to be ah misnomer for “To-get-her Now” Lie-Za say change dat to “To-catch-her-now!” His UWI experience as Lecturer brought to de front his passion foh an Eddy-care-shun Rev-all-yuh-shun that is still challenged wid literacy problems at de Primary and Secondary school levels, but non-the-less offered lots ah young people University schols. It was near disaster when he had to balance between Agriculture and Tour-is-him. De Rasta Farmers at Buccama fighting de Acquisition of dey farms, were told dat Tour-is-him is de way forward; which probably explains why Banana, which at one time brought in over 100 million dollars anually, took ah slow march to de see-me-tree, Dead! De Manager built an Airport dat is now in its seventh year of finishing, test flights taking place but de Bosses are yet to see at least, one year of Audited statements on dat project.

De way dat Manager micro-manages, his Bosses is running scared dat he is no longer Manager of de Estate, he is de new Boss and Owner, de Estate has become his inheritance, so much so dat he refers to himself as David and his son, Calm-me-low as Solomon, and is desperately bull-dozing de people of East St George to vote Calm-me-low into office.

Our Manager is ah hot and cold blower, real contra-dick-shun . When he was oiling his tracks he spoke about no Manager should serve more dan two terms, but now he is in de third term or fifteenth year of his contract and should be ready to go, he is asking foh ah fourth term calling it: “Four in ah Row!” So as if to ensure another victory, he brought his own man Peter Way-come to do ah Poll or is it ah Pole. Two months ago de man Way-come had him in ah close fight, stating dat he has to win back Central Leeward and North Windward. Now ah second Pole has him ah clear 15 per cent ahead of his competitor. Lie-Za has ah valid argument, she asking if de ULP has ah 15 per cent lead, why will dat Party have to resort to bad spend 13 million dollars ah de Bankrupt Estate money to buy lumber, galvanize and cement to gain de support; also, dis other vicious rumour about de Manager jumping hey dey and everyway, sharing out EC and US like ah mad man; yuh doing all dis even wid ah 15 percent lead? But ole people say” hand plat rope and rope tun back and tie hand!”


Yuh would think dat de man Peter Way-come wid his report dat say ULP ahead but de race is still close and both parties got ah lot ah catching up, would be nuff head-ache foh de Manager, when up comes de rain-can-nay-shun of Mr Star-Key John, de surprise guess at de NDP Candle-Light March and Rally on Wednesday night. Star-Key got ah warm welcome, he is back to “Tek back we Country” his own words. He seems to be under pressure foh answers from ah number ah Ole Labour Supporters as to de way forward. Dey want back dey party but Star-Key wants back de country. He is neither dey foh ULP (Star) nor NDP (Key) but he’s Lie-Za’s Star-Key! He was well received by ah sea of Yellow Tea Shirt NDP Supporters.

Which brings me to my pre-dick-shun foh dis Elect-shun. Dr Care-not John does all time say ah could only pre-dick-shun Tri Tri but, ah feel good when ah read his forecast last week say give NDP ah 11 to 4 victory. Ah see it slightly different 9 to 6 either way. Ah see NDP holding de 7 seats dey have and picking up at least another 2 seats. Given ah Free and Fair Elect-shun, ah pre-dick ah change ah Government! And wid dat is gone ah gone again.

One Love Bassy

Bassy Alexander is a land surveyor, folklorist and social commentator.