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Prayerful consideration


Once ah month ah uses to visit dis second hand Book-store at de corner of the block way ah lived in Calgary. Books were cheap, ah picked up ah copy of Shakespeare’s “As yuh like it” foh ah dollar. Was at dis shop ah found ah book on de “Psychic Sciences,” dealing wid subjects like “Astrology, Astronomy, Tea and Palm Reading, topics dat Owe-beah People does dwell into. Maybe de PM has one ah dem books dat he does use to wuk Owe-beah foh de Lord.{{more}}

But I found Numerology ah very interesting subject. Dis is suppose to be de Science dat uses numbers, actually de figures 1-9. Everybody has a number at birth based on de day, month and year. De Numerologist is also able to associate significance, characteristics, events based on numbers. Foh example it is common acceptance dat de number 4 is generally avoided even in Chinese Folklore; and 4 is directly linked with unlucky 13, symbolic of rebellion and lawlessness. 13 = (1+3)= 4.

So why is 13 an unlucky number. The most common answer is dat at the Last Supper wid Jesus and his twelve disciples, Judas was the thirteenth and last guest to arrive or sit down. Also beginning wid de same Judas, a series of gruesome deaths took place among de disciples in de same order of their getting up from de table.

But before dat painful session, there was the destruction of Jericho which is stamped with the number 13, the city was marched around for 6 straight days, and on the 7th day it was marched seven times, (6+7) making 13 de total. Again in de book of Mark chapter 7, Jesus mentions thirteen things that defile a person. They are Adulteries, Fornications, Evil thoughts, Murders, Covetousness, Thefts, Wickedness, Licentiousness, Guile, Blasphemy, Foolishness, Pride and an Evil eye. Ah never bought ah Bingo ticket unless it had de numbers 4 or 13; and guess what, ah never won ah Bingo in my entire life.

But Tuesday when ah read page 2 of de Searchlight Midweek Paper wid de headlines: “PM gives clues to Election date,” ah noticed dat he loved de numbers 4 and 13. So ah say just in case de PM serious bout his clues, ley me warn him of de Psyshic Significance of de numbers dat he picked-out from de Bible, foh us to draw clues to de date of Elections. He mentions Phillipians chapter 4 (1+3) =13. He choses verses 6 and 7 (6+7) =13. Den he goes to Proverbs chapter 4 vs 9, again he uses de number 4 and combined it wid 9; so (4+9) = 13. According to de PM all ah dis Rev-all-yuh-shun sorry, Rev-ah-lay-shun is after “Prayerful Consideration!” and reminded de crowd dat he doesn’t mek joke when he say dem things.

Lie-Za forget is Elect-shun time, she wants me know more bout dis “Prayerful Consideration” de PM talking bout. She asking when de ULP Go-venom-mint did shut down Bigger Biggs Mining Plant putting sixty wukers out ah bread, did de PM ave his moment of “Prayerful Consideration?” How about Utter Some, was there Prayerful Consideration when Utter was “Irrationally and Illegally” transferred as headteacher of de South Rivers Primary School and sent to NEMO, and den later dismissed. And even after Utter Some won his case in de High Court, de Go-venom-mint guided by Prayerful Consideraion appealed de High Court decision and lose big time.

Ah only presenting de lady’s concerns. She is asking, when is de PM going back into Prayerful Consideration to deal wid and re-employ de three Teachers, Elvis Daniel, Bash Thomas and Johnson who resigned to contest in de 2010 elections?

Lie-Za is in support ah de PM’s decision to consider giving refugee status to Syrians now being tortured and murdered in dey homeland. She believes dat de PM would have given Prayerful Consideration to dis very humane decision. She however has ah lickle concern about dem when dey arrive, and dis is based on ah few short but pertinent questions dat de PM himself had asked when Arm-in had promised to offer honorary citizen ship to de Garifuna descendants. “What ah tangled web we weave when once we practise to deceive.” Oh Comrad Joshua, ah remember thy fear-foh-hate quote.

While de PM is selecting passages of scriptures to provide clues to de date of Elections, he must stop giving us anymore Clues, he needs to be reminded of de writing on de wall dat suddenly appeared when King Belshazzar and his guests were partying: “Mene! Mene! Tekel! Parsin!” De Clue to those strange but destructive words is in Daniel chapter 5 vs 25 to 28. Mr PM, “God has numbered de days of your reign and brought it to an end!” Yuh will need more dan ah Prayerful Consideration. And wid dat, is gone ah gone again.

One Love Bassy

Bassy Alexander is a land surveyor, folklorist and social commentator.