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Tell us de real truth Pry-Minister


De debate on Geo-terminal Energy hotter dan de Volcano. We have Haz Samuel on the side dat has my buy-us support, ley me say like Ralph “my jaundice support!” And on de other side, Director of Energy, Ellsworth Dacon ah seemingly Bright Young Man and as ole people would say, ah know him before he born. His dear mother and father were love birds when dey taught me at Grammar School. Let me just remind Ellsworth of ah haunting statement made at de grand “soil breaking” of de Argyle Airport eight years ago by another Bright Young Man, Rudy Matthias, de CEO: “Ladies and gentlemen, we have de money to build de Argyle Airport.”{{more}} Now let me quote from Ellsworth’s very informative article on Geo-terminal Energy, in his response to Haz’s : “I wish to reassure you that this project is not a fanciful one, nor are the timelines unachievable. We are confident in the resource and with the expertise of the technical team and our advisors, we also intend to conduct open tender at various stages of the project.” My add-vice to Ellsworth is to have ah tet-ah-tet chat wid Rudy Matthias.

Lie-Za and I are beginning to love de Geo-terminal Energy debate, it full ah energy. Pardon me if ah calling it Geo-terminal, dis is deliberate, ah believe dat dis new “one-dah wuking power” dat is being Glorified is like most other ULP ventures, it will kill consumers. Lie-Za describe it as another one ah de ULP “ killer in-stink/Get rid of” baby; ULP motto is “Way dey ain’t kill de get rid of.” De Cross Country Road started and ended widout touching de middle. Dey couldn’t deal wid Ottley Hall, dey try to kill Sir James and failed, so before Ottley Hall kill dem, dey “Get-Rid-Of it!

Bananas is becoming dey Waterloo! Dey could neither Kill nor get riod ah Bananas. Dat killing dem fuss. Fourteen years is like ah day, everybody ought to remember in 2001 how dey boosted dey Calm-Pain wid ah MP from Britian who led de stage endorsing de glorified promises foh Bananas. Our once $120 million export crop to de UK Market was down to $20 million in 2001. Today after promises and more promises, we exporting zero pounds ah Bananas to de UK. Would yuh believe last Sunday at de opening of dey 2015 Calm-Pain, dey still promising again to revive Bananas, talking bout ah Beer-face Regime? Yes we have had natural disasters, so too did Dominica and St Lucia who are back on track wid Banana exports to de UK.

Sorry folks ley me be ah “piss-ah-miss” but ah smell de “killer-in-stink” in dat Geo-terminal Energy project, especially how it is being glorified like de Argyle Airport dat was not supposed to cause dis country “One Red Cent” but is now close to ah billion in Death, and dey still borrowing.

Good as de promises sound, de eo-terminal Energy project reminds me of de glorified and well intended “Pet-throw-Caribe” dat was suppose to bring us cheaper fuel, cheaper cooking gas and cheaper electricity bill. Instead we are paying more foh all and furthermore, dat Scotia Bank report dat listed SVG as owing Petro Caribe EC$900 million is worrying, De PM say is only $150 million, Talking bout ah man who is ah refined come-pro-miser of de truth. Imagine Dr Friday in Par-liar-mint reading from ah CDB Doc-yuh-mint dat quoted way our PM thanked de Bank foh coming to de rescue and saving de NCB Bank from destruction, but in response to Friday, de PM in de background cross-talking saying “is ah Lie!”

Geo-terminal Energy got de killer in-stink dat will wipe out Vinlec. Lie-Za heard dat Vinlec is EC$68 million in de RED only in Red such mess is made! Ah lot ah truth will unfold when Vinlec financials from 2013 are published. Lie-Za still asking if Vinlec is paying foh Few-ill foh de Argyle Airport.

It is ah big secret here, but published big and bold in de minutes of Emera Caribbean Board Meeting is dat discussions are in progress for Emera Caribbean to tek over Vinlec, Yes ULP again in discussion to Get-rid-of Vinlec. De talks are so con-fee-den-shell dat not even Thorny May-as ah clean guy ain’t even have ah clue. Dah’s why ah beg Ellsworth to keep quiet, in his article he talks about: “de two ideal partners in Emera Caribbean and Reykjavik Geothermal that can take this Geo-terminal project to completion by 2018.” Dey starting next year June and have not punched ah hole as yet. Ellsworth de country is being sold out whike Ralph is hiding behind Professor Ram-us who Ram-him!


Ah don’t know what is ah Police State, but ah want to personally apologize to ALL dem Bequia school children including my son’s Classmate Christian, Dr Friday’s son foh de daily harass and search greetings awaiting dem on de wharf by Police. Such Gestapo treatment is frustrating foh these kids who commute on rough seas every day to schools in Kingstown. Does any Police search de school buses or Vans carrying school children on de mainland? Shame on yuh Mr Minister of Security foh what all yuh doing to de nation’s children! Shame! Despicable! And wid dat is gone ah gone again.

One Love Bassy

Bassy Alexander is a land surveyor, folklorist and social commentator.