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Dey go fool we again


Ah looked at me light bill, energy charge $151.50, Vat $7.73; Few-ill sir-charge $107. 50 total $266.73. Dat bill is ah lickle less dan ah YES wuker’s salary. So ah ask meself what ever happen to de Pet-throw Carib deal, ah sincere gift from President Hugo Chavez dat was suppose to provide us wid cheaper few-ill foh vehicles, cooking gas and our Vinlec light Bill. Instead consumers are paying double foh everything connected wid energy. In short “We got Fooled!” So when ah hear about Geothermal energy, ah source of cheaper and cleaner energy from the Volcano, ah tell me self it sound good, but de price will not go down and “Dey Go Fool We Again!”{{more}}

How can we forget Rudy Matthias, CEO of de Argyle Airport project on dat suspicious occasion, de ground breaking ceremony of de Argyle International Airport in 2008. “Ladies and gentlemen,” he said: “We have de money to build de Airport.” But ah wil beg Night Nurse Margaret from de London Has-spit-all Program to play back dat clip, just to hear how “Dey did Fool we again” Lies! De Airport was to be completed by 2011 when de first plane was to land and take-off. But two weeks ago, de Pry-Minister was on his regular talk-show press con-friends saying, dat de Argyle International Airport, one ah de biggest “Fool we again” Lies every undertaken “will be ready” by de end 2015. “Will be ready” is what we have been hearing foh de last four years. Ah few months ago Rudy Matthias was again addressing ah group of Die-as-poorans, telling dem dat de Airport “will be ready” by October, he did not say October what year, so pardon my ah-sum-shun!

Is shameful though, when it comes to inform-me-shun about de Airport or almost everything, these people are so disrespectful, dey think nothing in “Fooling we again” Lies! First dey said “we have de money!” Next, dey said funding will come from “ah collision ah de wailing.” In de beginning, de first estimated cost to finish de project was stated as under 400 million EC dollars, de project is heading past ah 400 million US dollars, ah billion dollars is where de cost is heading.

And these “Fool we Again” dates of de completion ah de Airport getting people into serious financial difficulties. Ask Ken Boy-hey, he invested heavily in ah 13 million dollar Shopping Complex at Arnos Vale, in anticipay-shun of ah New Jerusalem oops, ah New City at Arnos Vale by 2011, Airport completion date. On de other hand, Even Ju-C might ah bin encouraged to re-open its doors after Sister Girl-in de deputy PM, told Die-as-poorans visiting de Airport three years ago, dat by de next year when dey come dey would take back dey cold Red Ju-C. All dat time, Ju-C factory was closed down, wukers laid off widout dey severance pay going foh four years now.

But we love dem to “Fool we again.” Traffic jam every morning coming from de Windward side. De promise was ah Turn-ill thru Cane Garden. If yuh think dat Turn-ill was one ah Ralph’s Pipe-dream, dat was only smoke, he is now suffering from ah decease better known as Elect-shun par-annoy-yah.

My girl did her research and concludes dat Elect-shun Par-Annoy-yah is ah decease dat de NDP brought hey on de Eve ah de 2010 Elect-shun, when dey announced dat dey had found ah group ah Infestors who will complete de Argyle Airport, and dat once de NDP won de Elect-shun dey were going to create 2000 new jobs. Our Pry-minister is out-doing de NDP, in his Pipe-dreams he has found himself in Canada or meeting Infestors from Canada; ah forget all yuh say de man can’t go Canada. Dis team ah Canadians like dey badder dan Doc-dah-Ruler of Ottley Hall fame. By de way, look how Ottley Hall has become another of Ralph Gone-soft’s master stroke. But ley we stick to our invisible Canadian developers and dis “huge development!” We need not worry, our PM has done “due diligence” on dem, like de one he did on de Buccama people.

We are told dat during de Carnival season when everybody was jumping up playing Mas, an agreement was signed. Lie-Za thinks it all took place on Ole Mas Monday. But de deal relates primarily to de construction of a tourism development in Mt Win and Peter’s Hope: Ah hotel development wid villas, ah golf course with clubhouse and de full works. When Arm-in visited Lickle Two-K-O ah few weeks ago, he say de whole place need mashing down; well Armin is late, as part ah de deal, de Infestors have agreed to clean up Lickle Two-K-O, ah creative arts centre and ah con-vensention centre right near to de Financial Complex; plus ah boardwalk and shops at Chinatown. Didn’t dis Go-venom-mint have drawings and plans foh ah Creative Arts Centre wid 700 seating capacity to be built way de new Library is? Fool we again Come-Red! Who ah sorry foh is dem Reporters who have to sit at de Pry-Minister’s press con-friends teking in all dis crap. Maybe one ah dem could give him ah lickle question bout de Cross Country Road, or de Die-ah-nah-sick hospital at Georgetown. We done know de answers, He Go fool We Again! And wid dat is gone ah gone again

One Love Bassy

Bassy Alexander is a land surveyor, folklorist and social commentator.