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Who-more-sex-shall and less-beyond wedding


Dey say when de US sneeze de whole world does catch de Flu! Lie-Za say no is when de US poop de whole world does smell it. Whether is ah Poop or ah Sneeze, dat Law de US Supreme Courts passed ah couple weeks ago, legal-I-sin Who-more-sex-shall and Less-beyond marriages is going to hit us worse dan ah Soon-ah-me! Ah does thank God dat ah have become ah Born Again Christian and in studying de life of Jesus, I have become better able to deal wid all persons whom society in general, condemn as sinners.{{more}}

Foh example de Book of Leviticus, de Jewish law book dat continues to pose problems foh Christians, is very severe on same sex people and adulterers. It states “If a man has sexual relations with a man as one does with a woman, both of them have done what is detestable. They are to be put to death; their blood will be on their own heads.” De same penalty holds foh Less-beyonds and Adulterers. But den Christ came on de scene, and He made an amendment to dat ole Mosaic Law. Christ decided to take de death penalty foh Gays, Less-beyond, Prostitutes, Adulterers, Murderers, Thieves, Liars, Priests, Pastors, ordinary church-goers. Christ bought our pardon by die-in on de Cross foh all sinners. But of course, dey is one teeny-weeny condition: “We must be born again, we must accept Him as our Saviour!”

Ah believe in de creation principle, dat man and woe-man were created foh each other. Ah don’t believe dat de same principle holds foh ah man and ah man, or ah woe-man and ah woe-man. De Bible warns against such practices in several passages, and condemns it as sin. But ah don’t believe dat anyone has de authority to condemn Gays, Less-beyonds or any sinner. Ah may not support dey preferred practices, but our role is to pray foh dem, to love and not condemn!

Already our local Church leaders calling on de Go-venom-mint to reject de US ruling. Three cheers foh de Church, it is alive foh once. But shouldn’t de Church be calling on itself, thru its members to set de Pace, begin by calling on us to desist from indulging in all acts of un-Godliness, not just Homos and Less-beyonds? Maybe de local Church hey could tek dey own stand by telling de US and our Go-vrnom-mint dat “Dey could pass as much laws as de wish, but we, de Church will not be endorsing, pronouncing or marrying no two same sex persons as husband and wife!”

And we must not be intimidated by threats of economic pressures from outside. One way or de other, we are heading foh economic destruction. Dey’s ah big story in de Book of Genesis about de destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah, because of de sinful life dat existed, not just homo-sex-shell-ah- tea. We have over qualified foh our pending Sodom and Gomorrah! We must Repent!


Before ah forget, ley me big-up Patches and Sharon and wish dem ah long and happy marriage. Patches wanted to tie de knot thirty years ago, but is like Sharon was waiting to marry Royalty. Lie-Za knew about de wedding, she kept saying how Patches doing de double dis year, Kaiso King and Marriage. But Patches not greedy, just having Sharon tell him “till death do us part” was bigger dan any Kaiso Crown, he came in Second, look out for Patches next year.

De Carnival done and congrats to all winners and as those who didn’t meet de Grudges fear-foh. When ah was ah Carnaval Fan-at-ache, my thing was Pan, Kaiso and Ole Mas, especially de pee-kong in Kaiso and Ole Mas. De CDC will once again have to come to de rescue of de Kaiso. De present criteria foh judging is encouraging Kaisong and not Kaiso. Where have de humour, de sweet melody, de rid-him and bounce, de tempo in de Kaiso gone to? Go back to one Commentary and one lively, Party song!

Talking bout Pee-cong? Ah love de Ole Mas dat Police Commissioner Charles played, way he Pee-cong ah member ah Par-liar-mint. It is ah good sign when prominent citizens take to Carnival, especially de Ole Mas. Ah remember ah Kaiso:”If de Priest could Play who is we,” after an RC Priest played Mas in T’n’T. Ah overs dat de Commissioner loves Fun, Carry-yo-key, Nine Morning, Ole Mas. Some might argue dat is OK foh him to have his Fun, jump-up in ah band, but he should not be involved in de pull-it-tek-all fray fray. Non-cents! All ah dat is Mas. As far as ah could remember, Kaiso and Ole Mas was about Pee-cong. Kaisonian D-Dan was ah Police Constable and was not afraid to heckle his boss, Commissioner Two-Cent, D-Dan had de Victoria Park in stitches. Back in de 1950’s ah character pee-cong Mr Joshua, den Chief Minister whose nickname was Cucumber Heel, dat fellar played ah simple mas wid ah big cucumber strapped on each heel. It is ah hell’t sign if our Commissioner could lead de way in dis sort ah Pee-cong, similarly, it should be equally accepted as ah hell’t sign, if ah Police Constable decks himself in ah dress wid ah lickle poster dat says: “ Can’t sleep? M-sell Andrews downstairs!” And wid dat, is gone ah gone again.

One Love Bassy

Bassy Alexander is a land surveyor, folklorist and social commentator.