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What’s this thing called love


Last week ah almost cried again foh “Utter Some” the former president of the SVUT and ULP fanatic, now purging at home serving an indefinite Pull-it-tek-ill life sentence foh daring to criticize de ULP and its leader.

My eye water dried up when ah read de column “This Week” by Dr Care-not John, historian par excellence, de Grandmaster of all Columnist in SVG and I dare say de region, who dug deep into his 2001 treasured archives and produced a very instructive letter written by de same “Utter Some” foh Pry-minister Gone-soft’s attention.{{more}} De letter that was written less dan two months after de ULP took office, was very deeply stained with pull-it-tek-all poison as “Utter Some” chanted de PM, accusing him of acting like ah timid child, foh failing to impose pull-it-to-kill death sentences on former NDP ministers and supporters. Back in 2001, Lie-Za had already ranked de venom-us “Utter Some” wid de “Paul de Persecutor” who had gone on ah “all out” mission to wipe out de Christian population. “Utter Some,” subsequently had ah head-on crash, an encounter wid de Holy Spirit, just like Paul, he had his Damascus Road experience. He began to see de difference between Right and Wrong, Justice and Injustice, Good and Evil, he refused to be silent, and as ah result was found defective by de leaders and supporters who had way back when, voted unanimously dat de criminal Barabbas should live and Jesus be crucified.

Go high go low, we can do as much as we want but NOT foh as long as we want. We can’t get pass God dat easily. De Psalmist David predicted de demise of people like Utter Some and his oppressive gang back den. David wrote in Psalm 7: “ Whoever is pregnant wid evil, conceives trouble and gives birth to disillusionment. He (Utter Some) has dug a pit and hollowed it out, and has fallen into the hole which he made.” But we all have since forgiven Utter-Some, even my dear wife, ah former member of Utter Some’s Teachers Union, whom he had thrown to de ULP wolves in one of his many infamous articles to de Press, has long forgiven him. What is really happening though, is dat wid de set ah crime and violence against women dat teking place, people are calling foh ah new dispensation: “Ah Kinder Gentler Society,” Not de Johnny Come Lately “Calm Pain of Love” slogan which de ULP and its leader hope to use as de party’s Calm Pain slogan. Imagine de party dat in 2001 dat had promised us “Together Now,” instead de country today is more bitterly divided dan ever, dey now offering us in 2015 “Love!” Was it de same party dat only three weeks ago, announced on dey platform in Calliaqua, dat de NDP and its supporters will perish, and is now on ah 180 degrees round-about turn, promising us “ Ah Calm Pain Love!”

So what is dis thing called Love? After de Damascus Road encounter wid de Holy Spirit, Paul became ah Saint, he wrote extensively in his letter to de Church at Corinth, on de nine ingredients of Love. He was obviously influenced by Jesus’ original message of Love. My humble add-vice to de Pry-minister and de ULP is, before dey even think of launching his Calm Pain of Love, let us all look at ah few ah those Love ingredients. Paul begins wid: Love is Kind, ah did not say Kinder like Arm-in, just Kind, going out of our way to be full of grace toward others. Not only foh de party supporters, remember who is it dat said “own de country, own de jobs!”

Secondly, Love does not Boast. Dey’s absolutely no need foh us to boast like a “windbag.” Jesus never showed off. His greatness is often revealed in what He suppressed, rather than thumping His chest repeating all what He did or said.

Love is Patient. Literally speaking, love has a long fuse foh suffering, silence, never Rude and pregnant wid angry, offensive outbursts. Love is not Proud or Self-seeking. God’s love is genuine humility, rules out selfish, conditional types of love — the “I’ll love you if yuh vote me”, and the ” you will get title to free house and land (tax payers money) when yuh vote me.” Love does not Victim-eyes, keeps no record of wrongs. God’s Love forgives and forgets and remembers them no more. Dis is good news foh Bigger Biggs, Marcus De Freitas, Ordan Graham, Matthew Thomas, Michelle Andrews, Teacher Bibby-Bowens and de many victims of this wicked era. Love does not delight in evil but it rejoices in truth. Love is never glad when others do wrong or when wrong things happen to others. It does not delight in the weakness of others. It does not gloat or gossip. Love goes on forever. Love is eternal. It never fails. It never loses strength. It never leaves its place. It is immovable and indefatigable. Let us wid Love build and rebuild ah Kinder and Gentler Society. And wid dat is gone ah gone again.

One Love Bassy