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Wrong password teacher B-B


My contribution to Facebook is mild and insignificant, occasionally ah would mek ah comment, but ah like to follow de die-see stories. Like dis week dey’s ah hot one wid Bishop College Teacher, Mrs B-B Bow-in who foh committing ah sin against de devil knows who, was arrested at de School wid her students watching in shock. Yuh would think she was wanted foh shooting de President or foh MT-in de Red-is-tree of hundreds ah thousands ah dollars.{{more}} My girl Lie-Za who is always getting it first hand, says Monday’s incident reminds her of de lady in de Bible who was accused of committing ah-dull-tree, and was carried by men of greater sins to Jesus. De law might condemn Teacher BB’s Password pon Facebook, but her Password message stands!

Lie-Za is usually rash-on-all in these matters. She says dat de accused lady who is an IT teacher, is obviously angry and frustrated. Seems like she intended to use her ‘Facebook Page’ to MT her anger and frustray-shun on ah character name Ralf, her X-pull-it-to-call love-her. However, in trying to get into his doh-mean, she made ah serious error by using instead, “Ralf Mother’s Password!”

De using of Password is now big business in SVG, from de licklest child up is into Password in ah big way. Even de PM in ah press con-friends, found himself in ah “lickle Poor-key hole” using Password! Lie-Za say don’t talk bout de PM’s Press Sexy-tree, but some time ago when he couldn’t cool his Password anger, he pounced on Jerry George, ah-soul brother! Right now, is no big thing foh personalities on Radio, TV, Facebook or witch-ever medium to settle scores, beating up pon either people wid Password, or dey relatives, preferably dey Mother’s Password. But ley me tell all yo something, all dis using ah Password pon inner-saint people lef, write and scent-her, boils down to one thing, and dat is people in SVG are bitter in anger, frustrated and dissatisfied.

Is not everybody could manage dey anger and frustration. De late Col. Sydney (Andy) Anderson, ah former Police Commissioner in SVG, once told me an interesting story about ah period in his life when anger and frustration at de wuk-place almost drove him crazy. He was serving as ah Police Officer in de Jah-mek-her Police Force, and de man at de top was giving him and ah colleague ah hard time, Andy and his buddy were frustrated to de point way dey wanted to leave. Somebody advised dem to cuss off de “big man,” let him have some real Password in his BC (bumbo clert)! Dey was no Facebook in dem days, but dey had to find ah way to let it out. Andy and his buddy rented ah small rowing boat every Sat-dey afternoon. Dey would row way out to sea and out ah sight! And foh de next two hours is nothing else but Password in de Commissioner tail! If ah were to write dem Passwords in dis article, Police will lock me up like dey did Mrs BB-Bow-in and throw way de Key! After two hours, dey were defused, having let loose nuff Password on de Boss, dey would head back ashore.

Colonel Anderson’s story tells one way how to handle stress and manage yuh anger. Nobody knows what may have driven Mrs BB-Bow-in to de point of explosion, but going witch-hunting foh people on Facebook pages, because dey using Password to meet Ralf “face to face” will not necessarily solve de frustration people going thru! People are dissatisfied wid de way Ralf is running de country, one has only to go on de Facebook Pages and one will see de numerous negative comments being made to dis effect. Condemn de Bishop College Teacher if yuh may, foh writing Password on her Facebook Page; but she is sending ah message, and she is not alone, she represents hundreds ah Vincy women who are Angry and Frustrated. And Lie-za keep telling me, dat if de Police had to arrest de number ah women, and men too, who blasting Password left, right and centre pon dis fellah Ralf, de prisons at Be-Lie will full up! And wid dat is gone ah gone again!

One Love Bassy

Bassy Alexander is a land surveyor, folklorist and social commentator.