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Finally Den’s ill Doug-Loss


Hold on Vin-sin-shuns, Hold on! plane loads came in to rescue de Den’s-ill Doug-Loss Go-venom-men’t in Sin-Kits, but nothing worked. Hell’d bent on holding power, Doug-loss ill-legally extended his term foh two enlightening years, refusing to call ah meeting ah de House to de-bait ah ‘Vote of no Con-fee-dents in his administray-shun’. But Moon run tail Day catch um! {{more}}

De Sin-Kits Awe-position led by Tim Harris, another Arm-in type, cool customer, travelled de lent and bret ah de Caribbean seeking support. But only two men, Keith Mitchell and Arm-in Eustace had de Back, Belly and Con-shuns to challenge Doug-Loss foh his ill-legal miss-con-duck! Harris reached hey in Sin-vin-sin foh support when Carry-Come heads met. Remember how he was made ah laff ‘n’scaff and called “ah set ah jokers, when his small group garnered ah hand full ah NDP members and went to Buccama to register protest at de Carry-Come session, acting on ah tip-off, de Heads took boat and entered de facility while dey waited in vain at de entrance from de road.

Lie-Za asking how genuine is our Pry-minstar’s congratulatory message to de new PM of Sin-Kits, Tim Harris. She reminds me dat when Tim Harris came hey to lobby support from de Carry-Come Heads who were meeting in SVG, just to hear ah presentation from him on de plight ah de people of Sin-Kits, de miss-conduct of ah fellow member, Doug-loss. Gone-soft was cheerman, but he brushed aside Harris giving his usual long lecture on de protocol, stating de preferred procedure dat he would ah followed. We not too ole to forget de events ah fifteen years ago, when de shoe was on de other foot, when NDP faced ah near overthrow by ODD prominently led by ULP leaders. Gone-soft did not have to go lobbying Carry-Come den, de leaders came hey to asses de situation, only to meet ah road block. And all dat Harris was asking is foh de cheerman, Gone-soft to get Carry-come leaders to add-vice Doug-Loss to hold ah constitutionally overdue sitting.

De Talking Heads never called foh Justice or De-mock-we-see preserved in Sin Kits. But de Harris led Awe-position took dey case to de Privy Council and got dey first victory. And all yoh still wondering why folks in SVG saying “Thank God foh de Privy Council!” I believe in Time, and way ole people say: “De longest rope got an end;” and ” Every barrow-hog got he Saturday,” no offence meant SDA folks.


Dis assumed ownership of property and territory is ah disease. Mr Lands-ah-lot was telling me dat years ago his God-son came begging to allow him to manage his estate while he was away. Wid reluctance, Lands-ah-lot pinned his God-son to ah tight Agreement: “dat he will maintain de estate wid accessible roads, keep de wukers employed wid good wages; follow ah social program dat he started foh dem. Pay de Go-venom-men’t dey Taxes, de wukers’NIS and other benefits. Tek good care ah de old and re-tired wukers, mek sure dat all de estate wulers children get ah good education and so on.”

Lands-ah-lot promised dat he will return every once in ah while, maybe every five years to review de Assess things. De final over-standing is dat de Estate was not for sale. No matter how long he stays away, don’t ever think of claiming his Estate. If and when he’s tired or fails to perform, step down and let a more capable candidate run things.

Lands-ah-lot kept in touch and was assured dat everything was in order. After fifteen years he returned to ah heart-attack welcome. His God-son had become ah member ah Par-liar-mint; his six children each had ah mansion, enclosed wid walls like ah barracks; all ah his grand-children had cars. Lots ah small businesses set up on de estate, wid ah lot ah strange and new faces, speaking far-rain language running things; but he did not see any ah de ole wukers. Straight-away his in-stink told him something fish-he going on. But de too-too hit de fan when he dey expecting to be received by his God-son wid ah warm well-come, ah chauffeur turned up and told him dat de minister, his God-son was bust, but will see him at dinner dat night.

Ah big buffet dinner was served, lots of big wigs attended, not ah sole from de ole wukers regime was dey. And den his God-son introduced him to de gathering as his God-father and former owner ah de estate. Lands-ah-lot went thru de Mad-is-straight Coat, de High Coat and de Coat of Ah-peel to no avail. But Thank God foh de Privy Council. He went dey, just like Ex-Commissioner Two-saint, just like Sir James and recently just like de Sin Kits Awe-position!

Yes dey are all de same, whether de God-sons, de Eric Gairy’s. de Birds, de Spencers, de Doug-Losses and his pull-it-tek-all All-lies! When de people who are de owners ah de Estate, grant dem permission to manage, in less dan 15 years, is only Privy Council could give us back we Estate. However, “Den’s ill Doug-Loss!” And wid dat is gone ah gone again.

One Love Bassy

Bassy Alexander is land surveyor, folklorist and social commentator.