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De Pentecostal Assembly on top


Finally de Pentecostal Assembly in SVG is at de top of de list wid 30,108 members, twice as many members as second placed Anglicans wid 15,175. Dis is good foh de Pentecostal Assembly who dis year is celebrating it’s 50th Anniversary in SVG.

Ah remember when ah white-man named Hook-and-dyke from Holland launched ah religious calm-pain hey. He had ah serious Dutch accent but his Crusade was explosive, causing an X-ah-dust among de three established Churches, Anglican, Met-dis and Cat-licks, dem Church leaders protested openly.{{more}} But Hook-and-dyke had de Opium, he literally shook up de Christian community wid his Crusade dat went on foh months. It was different. Foh de first time Believers, who were not Shakers danced on stage, got slain in de spirit, spoke in ‘towns’, got healed, baptized, those living in common law relationship had to get married. Ah name dat stands out is ah man named Errol Daniel, now Bishop Daniel. When it was time foh Hook-and-dyke to go, Errol Daniel ah young Pastor den, took over.
Ah met him when he had about ah month on de job, ah doubt he remembers telling me dat when he was offered de job as Pastor, he told de members dat he will take up de appointment on one condition, dat dey treat him as de white-man’s equal, de same salary wid de same benefits like house, car etc. Ah shook his hands and we became friends up to today. But de friendship almost broke when ah had written ah letter in de Vincentian about Tele-vandal-is-him, referring to fellars like Jimmy Swaggart and Oril Roberts as Tele-vandals. In de letter ah wrote dat we don’t need to hear those guys, we have our own Telev-angel-ist, Errol Daniel. But de Typist at de Vincentian thought dat ah made ah mistake, so where ah referred to Pastor D as Telev-angel-ist she changed it to Tele-vandal-ist.
His wife, Sister D who is ah fire-ball put ah good cussing pon de Editor, Mrs Peacock and me-self. ‘Mess wid me’ she said, ‘but do not mess wid my husband’. She even threatened to sue us and de Vincentian, man ah frighten until, so ah took de original letter wid my hand-writing to his home and had de matter cleared. Pastor D and his wife have toiled successfully in de Lord’s Vineyard. He’s progressive, built several churches in SVG, encourages de Youth wid music (Pan), Drama and Dance in his church, he introduced “Praise FM” de first or is it de only Christian Radio Station in SVG. Daniel functions as ah professional amidst all de heckling and critics-is-him, he dresses neat, folks ought to remember his name among de “Ten Best Dress Men” in SVG! His finest quality is his outspoken word, he is not like some of his colleagues when it comes to politics. As de Pentecostal Assembly celebrates 50 years, Errol Daniel is my pick foh “man of de half century!”


Clearly de Go-venom-men’t has not been forthright wid details of de Petro Caribe Deal, Nice Radio’s Choose-dey and When’s-day nights Talk Show hosts, But Francois and Mar-grit London having ah feel-dey replaying statements made in par-LIAR-mint by de Go-venom-men’t Senators wid regards to de signed, or unsigned copy of de Pet-throw Carib-he Agreement. All dat ah asking for is who are de shareholders of de SVG branch of PDV dat buys and sells petrocaribe oil.


Dr Claudius Davis PhD, ah Psychologist and ah son-of-de-soil who hails from de fertile Vermont Valley, very kindly took time out from his adopted homeland, de USA to do some voluntary counseling services in de Rock Gutter tragedy. In sharing his impressions of SVG wid de Searchlight, he said dat he finds de roads in SVG in better condition dan those in certain parts in New York. Wow! Shame on all dem vehicle owners and Van Drivers who making noise over dem lickle pot-holes dat breaking axles and shocks, shame on all yoh! Shame on Lie-Za too; she say dat when Dr Davis returns as he promises, he must tek ah scenic drive from Belair thru to Carrierre, way de Mini Van Drivers will be going on strike (again) because of de deplorable condition of dat road. And she asking which road he used to visit his relatives in Vermont, certainly not de Leeward Highway dat is now being reconstructed.
Another “shame on yoh” foh all dem bad minded citizens at home who dey crying down de services at de Milton Cato General Hospital (MCGH). Dr Davis gave high marks to dis institution and with regards to our Mental Health Centre, his area of expertise in which he holds ah Masters degree with focus in Substance Abuse, he recommends more training within dat sector. Lie-Za is surprised dat he didn’t find dat de MCGH and de Mental Hell’t Centre are in better condition dan those in certain parts of New York. So Dr Davis, Lie-Za say yuh must return soon way yuh could even register to vote. Yes come and meet Arm-in, she agrees wid yuh dat he has “ah cry-sis of integrity,” she recommends yuh do another Psychological anal-asses on him, “he is no longer de quiet, honest, sincere man of truth.” She asking if yuh know dat ” he Lies about certain things, sometimes, He! He ! He!” And wid dat is gone ah gone again.

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Bassy Alexander is land surveyor, folklorist and social commentator.