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Will-full-he-done by acts-he-didn’t


Ah done promise dat ah not touching no polly-ticks till de Christmas over, and dat can’t happen till all de left overs done: de ham, de garlic pork, de Black Cake and Black Wine, de Red Ju-C, sorrel and ginger beer.

And ah might just do like de folks long ago, de last ah de Christmas was when dey tek de ham bone mek ah real peas soup, more peas dan sauce. Peas got ah lot ah wuk in it but dey does sell de local Green Peas much too expensive, $15.00 and $20.00 ah pound.{{more}} De remedy foh dat over-pricing, is to chook two grain ah peas in de flower garden dat getting all de attend-shun; yuh will have nuff peas to even sell.

But before ah go into me Christmas story, allow me to dwell on de tragic death of Edgar Cruickshank at de NDP meeting last Sat-dey night down in Clay Valley. Clay Valley is way Go-venom-men’t build de houses pon clay soil. My sympathy goes out to his family. Ah remember him playing good cricket as an all-rounder, bowl, bat and brilliant fielder in de covers.

Ah was particularly pleased to hear de mature and sensible statements made on de incident by Jomo and Arm-in. Put it dis way, we must learn to deal wid our issues based on de facts. De first thing dat comes to mind when ah vehicle crashes into ah crowd way ah pull-it-tek-all meeting is teking place, is dat it is pull-it-to-kill-he orchestrated. I think if ah man could be dat wicked to put an innocent four year ole child in his vehicle, den deliberately crash dat vehicle into ah crowd, risking both his and de child’s life, while causing another inner-sent man’s death, den he don’t even deserve ah trial, just lock him up and throw away de Key.

What is disgusting is de irresponsible statements coming from both ULP and NDP supporters. De death took place Sat-dey night, investigation beerly started and de pull-it-to-kill verdict was out. NDP saying dat it “Will-full-he done,” and ULP say it was an “Acts-he-didn’t.” So my girl Lie-Za who was not at de meeting but has ah good conclusion, she say it was “will-full-he-done by Acts-he-didn’t.”

Having said all ah dat. Let us not be nah-Eve and get trick by de Serpent. Dis upcoming Elect-shun will be Nasty and Dangerous, it will not be politics like long ago, but Pull-it-to-kill War! Just do what yuh have to do, get out de house and Vote! E-nuff ah dat!


Last Friday evening ah had ah good taste ah Christmas, thanks to de Venezuelan Embassy who hosted ah Christmas Party foh de general public. It was like ah preview to our Nine Mornings festivity, turning on the Christmas lights at de Embassy; ah cultural presentation that featured items coming out ah de programmes offered to locals at the Embassy’s Institute for Cultural Co-operation: Adult Students singing in Spanish; dancing; Vincy Folk from St Mary’s Grade 4 students; my BGS 4th Form Cuatro Students: Jeran Maule, Akeel Augustus, Calistus Sandy and Young Murray. Ah real “heart beating” drumming and poetry performance by “Resistance Heart Beat Drummers;” not to be outdone was ah Drumming Quartet all de way from Rose Hall, dey have ah unique style.

De evening den shifted into ah Latin Dance Party wid ah presentation from ah Trinidad based, Venezuelan Trio that comprised of ah keyboard, ah pair of tumbas and a Cuatro played by ah Maestro, Professor Raul Landaeta who conducted a two weeks workshop here in Cuatro playing. It was ah musical journey from Mexico to Cuba, over to Venezuela foh Parrang, Gaita and Vals and finally to Brazil foh Salsa and Samba. Dey woke up de Latin dancers.

De event reminded me of de Venezuelan Embassy’s involvement in “ de Vincy Nine Mornings Side walk Concerts” that actually started back in 1992. Ambassador Miriam Fiel was in charge at de time, she facilitated El Grupo Amistad hosting of de “four day morning concerts,” in front de Embassy’s premises, opposite de ole Library. De staff provided transportation and prepared snacks for de group. De Concerts outgrew de location and was moved to Bay Street where today, Vincy Nine Mornings is SVG’s most widely spread Festival. We owe ah depth ah gratitude to de Venezuelan Embassy.

Last Friday’s concert was de Embassy’s second successful attempt in as many years. From all indications dis will be an annual Christmas Event featuring Venezuelan Culture. Maybe we should invite de other Embassies each to host ah Night of “Christmas in SVG” come next year, and de years after. Let’s hear from T’n’T, Cuba, Tie-One, Consul General, Bamba Providence could give us ah night ah Mexican Tijuana brass.

Drinks and Snacks prepared by VJ’s were served, Julia came strong wid her Callalo and Pumpkin soups. Lie-Za say ah must write bout de evening and say when de Latin Trio call foh de Congo Line, she saw former minister, Mike Browne and Commissioner Charlo let down dey hair, both ah den bald yuh know, she not easy. How could I say dat Charlo was in de Congo Line, I firmly believe de gentleman was being de good cop, monitoring de undesirable and suspicious looking characters in de Congo Line? Nobody locking me up foh Christmas. And wid dat, is gone ah gone again.

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