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Half-decent or half de scent


Ah love to play wid Words. People not happy wid de way dey heard de PM using ah word “Half-Decent.” Ah never heard him say dat, ah heard: “Half De Cent,” ah hear “Half De Scent,” ah also hear “Half Descent” and ah even hear “Half Dissent.” Ole people say “yuh could hear way yuh like, but yuh don’t have to like way yuh hear!” And dah’s way happen to de bunch ah we, de Half-Decent listeners to de Pry Minister’s statement last Sat-dey Night, at de town house meeting at NY. Ah tell yuh, ah must add-myth dat Lie-Za is at her very best dis week, she comes up wid ah simple explanation of de Pry Minister’s statement dat had nothing to do wid Decent. She also heard “De Scent and De Cent.”{{more}}

She say our PM will never be caught using such ah word, not when left, right and sent-her people fingers pointing at de Half-Decent performance by de Go-venom-mint and in particular Statutory Boards, even de few Half-Decent house owners at Clare Valley and Green Hill saying ‘Aye’ to dat! Fancy de men in charge ain’t have de Half-Decent-see to resign. no matter how smelly and stink De Scent de Miss-man-age-mint and corrupt-shun knocking dem down, dey not letting go De Cent!

Wid all fearness to de PM, he was kind ah Moody at dat town-house meeting in NY. After reading way Moody’s Investors Service published bout SVG’S significant Descent in it’s bond ratings. Moody has down-graded SVG again to B3 from B2, the second downgrade in two years which changes the outlook from stable to negative another Half-Descent. And if all ah dat is not enough, Arm-In whom de PM nicknamed as “doh-tish” is showing his usual Dissent in voice; in dis case he is being only Half-Dissent, he stated dat according to de figures in de Moody report, SVG’s B3 rating actually puts us at position No 16, which is six points from No 22 at de bottom, Dat is more dan Half-Dissent! And not only dat, Arm-In is calling foh an exclamation oops, explanation as to why in de estimates ,there is no record anywhere, about dis country’s eight hundred plus million dollars death, owed foh for Few-ill from Pet-throw-Caribe.

While de PM appeared on top of things in NY last weekend, his mind never left SVG, before he could even unpack, he was told bout de Half-Descent in de surface on de Highway at Argyle. Lie-Za is speculating, or asking: “was dis one due to negligence or poor supervision by Half-Decent tek-no-crats, where over de last eight years, blocked drains caused de area to become water-logged, undermining de road.” Or, maybe just maybe, dis could very well have been an Act of Jah, de only Decent one! Still at Argyle, what about de Descent on de Airport un-away late last year, dat had to be dug-up and redone!


Ah serious question she asking is why is de PM trying to justify de purchase of his new state owned vehicle, valued at over one hundred and seventy thousand dollars, wid that of Half Decent Vincentian or Half Decent Professionals Unlike de PM these people got to face de Bank, secure ah loan for ah car. From dat purchase Go-venom-mint gets between twenty and sixty thousand dollars in Duty. De PM’s car, few-ill, insurance everything is paid for by Tax payers. Is he saying dat we have two category of citizens, Half-Decent who drives ah cheap SUV and CRV’s and Whole-Decent persons who drive de BMW’s and de Ferarri’s. No offence Patrick Ferarri.

Referring to Decent citizens as Half-Decent is like ah back-handed slap, not much different to Half-Wutless. It smells or De-scent is one of contempt and reminds one of Seon Marshall fear-most “four-paah” pulling down Decent, Die-us-poorer wukers earn dey honest living as Dog walkers and Domestics. All men and women are equal and people in responsible positions ought to be more respectful to de folks whom dey serve.

Which reminds me dat ah have to attend me Father-in Law’s funeral on Sat-dey, ah wonder if ah could get ah Half-Decent suite to borrow, can’t afford to but ah Decent one like way ah does see de Big Man wearing. And wid dat is gone ah gone again.

One Love Bassy

Bassy Alexander is a land surveyor, folklorist and social commentator.