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Forgive dem dey trust-passes


Ah suggesting dat de Go-venom-men’t send Canada foh ah former Manager at HLDC, Bill Branch. His mind is still clear and vision sharp like razor! Bill must return to train Cheerman Beresford Phillips and Manager Elvis Charles, on how to, and how not to manage ah housing development project.

Really and truly ah don’t like to be writing back to back articles on de same topic, but ah notice dat de Aunty-buy-her-ticks ain’t doing ah thing to dat Virus dat throwing down dem Clare Valley houses, it spreading like Chicken-go-nah wid lots ah ‘pain’to de owners.{{more}} News from de Valley is dat de house next to de one dat had ” de bad feelings” and ‘drop-down’ in de hot sun, is going to be demolished as well. Lie-Za explains dat nothing really wrong wid de houses and dem, is just like if yuh have ah set ah houses too close to each other, and one ah dem catch ah Fire, yuh know de saying ” when yuh near-bah house pon Fire, wet down yours?” Well down in Clare Valley de talk is: ” When yuh near-bah house collapse, demolish yours!”

Dis matter is becoming more and more serious, serious miss-management or miss-behave-yah in public office. Lie-Za say to stop right dey wid me ‘miss dis’ and ‘miss dat’, next thing dey will miss-represent my miss-chief, and miss-Sue me foh thing ah miss-said like miss-dah-me-nah and miss-ah-prow-pee-here-shun.

And like if Clare Valley ain’t nuff problems foh de Go-venom-mint, Green Hill house owners can’t move in dey houses, dey come-plain-in dat de HLDC is failing to deliver de houses due to ah problem wid water or wid no water thereof. Dis one got ah lot ah “who say what” and “what who say!” Garth Saunders the Manager of CWSA de sole pipe-borne water supplier in SVG, takes his wuk seriously and is not known foh Lie-in, he obviously not into de pull-it-to-kill Lie-in business. Ah will not tek chances wid Sue, but one can quote word foh word from Mr Saunders. In short HLDC miss-man-age again and again, dey becoming wuss dan ah Hurry Cane! Mind yuh Garth didn’t say so, dat’s more like Lie-Za.

Dat problem at HLDC is like ah new pack ah cards dat always got in ‘two jokers’. De fuss thing yuh do wid dat pack ah cards is to tek out de two jokers otherwise every game ah card yuh play, dem Jokers will show up and yuh will have to deal all over. Ah never say dat Charlo and Philo are two jokers in no Pack, but saying dat de HLDC come like ah pack ah cards wid two Jokers. Houses billing in Clare Valley dat have to bill over at tax payers expense. And just like how de Terminal Building at Argyle was an after-thought, dey did not have it on de Plan. So at Green Hill, after de death of den manager, Morris Slater in January, 2013, pipe-borne water got after-thought status.

Wid all ah dis bad man-age-mint dat costing or is it wasting tax payers money by de hundreds of thousands, going into millions nex; we all notice how de Go-venom-mint ain’t touching ah sole except de men who put down de tiles, nobody get de Axe, in fact forgive us our trust-passes is like ah ULP leg-ah-see, and what is even more glaring, is how Sue dey flirting she back-side all over, but de home-owners fraid to go near she. One day it will all come out in de washing!


Dis week ah flying me Flag at Half-Mas foh my father-in-law, Robert Caesar who passed away on his 87th birthday. He tricked us all. My wife kept saying dat she giving her dad a big surprise foh his birthday, she getting him ah drink he ain’t taste in years, ah Red Ju-C and of course his cake! All dis time de ole man done plan to celebrate his birthday wid his Jesus whom he loved.

But my father-in-law was ah humble farmer from de Marriaqua Valley. He left with me nothing but pleasant memories. When de NDP Administration was trying to get Farmers to diversify, he turned up one morning with his fork and some Banana plants. He said to me: “Mr Mitchell say dat when we on de mainland wouldn’t have Bananas, de Grenadines people will have fish, so ah making sure dat yuh will have Bananas to sell when dat time comes.” Today, we not even shipping Bananas to England anymore, but ah have Bananas, maybe ah should start shipping to de UK. Thanks to my Father-in-law.

He made us all laugh in his Toast at our wedding when he said dat he does not know Bassy, but he has ah brother name Mike who worked wid Bassy, and Mike told him dat Bassy is ah alright fellar. His closing statement is what my wife and I does have big argument over. I distinctly heard him say dat he was proud of his daughter “Foh de promotion she get!” She said she heard him say “foh de choice she made!” Whatever he said was well intended, we have decided to settle foh way both ah we heard! And we thank de Lord foh de Promotion to Glory dat me Father-in-law get. Wid his skills in de soil, ah know dat he is planting flowers in Heaven. And wid dat is gone ah gone again.

One Love Bassy

Bassy Alexander is a land surveyor, folklorist and social commentator.