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Leave Margaret alone


Margaret London ain’t teef nobody white fowl, or tell lie pon nobody, is not she who kill we Banana industry, was not her miss-manage-mint dat cause house in Clare Valley to co-laps. De only good news wid dis project, is dat it provides good research material foh ah study in how and where not to build low income houses.{{more}}

Right now HLDC trying to correct ah hysterical wrong on de Clare Valley project, spending millions ah tax payers dollars, billing walls and drains, putting down found-here-shun dat should ah bin under de houses in de first place. Imagine dey was no earthquake, no high wind, no rain just hot sun, and ah bran new, concrete wall house crumble like ah cake. Ah better nah say cake because HLDC cheerman, Beresford is in de Bakery business. His wife will never mek him send Sue give me foh come-pairing her nice black cake wid de crumbles dat was ah house at Clare Valley.

Ah will advertise foh Mrs Phillips who meks de nicest black cake, and she gives generously to charity, but not Beresford. Mind yuh ah always know him to be clean, only dat he was missing in act-shun, he and Charles found dem-self at de helm of de ship dat went lost at Sea, and ran ashore in Clare Valley. But instead ah remaining humble, he dey gunning foh Margaret. Even de ULP party candidate foh Clare Valley, Plain Truth, Jomo Tomas is upset wid dem foh de non-cents way go down, is negative publicity foh his Calm Pain.

Lie-Za is asking what happen to de resig-nay-shuns of both Beres and de manager, Elvis Charles, de man wid de Roast Corn, which reminds me of Herbie Young, “de Man wid de Pepper Sauce is Boss!” Dem fellars resig-nay-shun should ah bin submitted de very day de bran new Clare Valley house co-laps. Dey terror-I-sing Margaret to side slip de real issue. Beresford, Charles and others should be made to answer questions at ah Public Enquiry into de mismanagement at Clare Valley. Note dat I avoid using de word corrupt-shun!


If de Pry Minister was listening to Margaret’s Midnight Nurse radio program, foh de right reason, he might ah find some answers foh de set ah Lie-in and Teefing and Robbing and Killing way going on in dis country. Instead ah Margaret being ass-throw-size foh loose verbage, alluding to things dat even de PM himself will tell us, dat is far from de truth, so what is de problem?

Margaret speaks extensively on de various forms ah Crime dat destroying our once lovely sin-Vin-sin. As ah public servant ah would have seen men go to jail foh stealing small money from different Go-venom-men department, ah won’t disclose names because dey have all done dey time and paid dey dues. Today, high ranking public servants, forging signatures and stealing money, hundreds of thousands; and dey are not even charged, de charges are dropped, don’t yuh dare touch dem! Dey tell me dat forging is second to murder on de criminal chart, so some people should ah bin holidaying at Fort Charlotte or Belisle all now so.

Two wukers at de Argyle Airport dat we dey struggling to build widout money, creamed off materials worth over sixty-seven thousand dollars; dey were given ah slap on de wrist and told: “Yuh free to go home,” No charge! All-he gear-shuns again dat another chap is being investigated in a number of acts of petty theft, stealing copper wire. Copper is big money. Any bets? He will get ah slap on de wrist and will be told he is free to go home too! One day, one day, canka day!

We have seen 34 murders in ah year dat still got two months to go, close to de highest murder rate ever in SVG. De murders spread out all over de country like smoke. Last weekend in 15 hours, we had murders in Yambou, Kingstown Park an ah third in Glen. Three weeks ago in Bequia, ah father was fatally stabbed, allegedly by his son. Clearly dey is ah Beast, ah Demonic Force dat is star-king de land.

One moment de Pry Minister appears to be on target. Just two weeks ago in his ah-dress to de nation on In-de-pen-dence Dey, he was seeking forgiveness, calling on de citizens to unite and mek peace wid one another. One week later he’s on de back-side of Margaret Yvonne London and Nice Radio, foh some non-cents Margaret may have resurrected dat is insignificant to de development ah de country. Man if de PM had ah plaster on his body foh every unpleasant thing dat was said about him, some he no bout and some he don’t, he wouldn’t need to wear clothes, he would ah bin covered from head to toe wid plaster.

No guns, no police brutality, no pull-it-to-kill victim-I say-shun will tame de Beast. All leaders, church and pull-it-tek-all, must seek humility and repentance from God, and visit de NDP Redempt-shun Charter, nah mind is Awe-po-sit-shun’s. God will look dis way again. And wid dat is gone ah gone again.

One Love Bassy

Bassy Alexander is a land surveyor, folklorist and social commentator.