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Is all way Lie-za say


She say is too much ah ‘dis one say’ and ‘de other one say’ in de Raiding ah de How-hard’s Marine and somebody lie-in big time!

De Pry-minister say, dat de Co-me-shun-her say de police served ah War-ant on How-hard’s Marine. De PM say he had ah copy. But no one say who at How-hards received it. And Keith How-hard on de other hand say, dat his worker and his witnesses say, dat de Police did not serve any Search War-ant.{{more}} So Lie-Za wants to suggest dat when de Police come to raid yuh property, dat if by chance dey ain’t forget to walk wid ah Search War-ant; dat dey must mek de occupants (s) ah de house sign de War-ant, saying dey received de dock-yuh-mint. If de occupant refuses to sign, call ah witness just to say dat dey see de occupant refuse to sign de War-ant, den leave de War-ant right in de yard, and do dey wuk!


My girl Lie-Za is in her usual sarcastic self dis week. She come telling me how she so glad dat Jerry George got back his SVG say-to-sing-ship, how dem Star host pon Radio, did strongly suggest dat Jerry George be deported foh asking ah de simple question, if de Argyle Airport was having compact-shun problems. And wid her sack-ah-stick self saying how she hear SVG sinking, beginning at Argyle. Ah stop her right dey, because ah not into any ah she gossip. Ah told her ah prefer to be guided by de IADC’s latest official report, way ah lickle part ah de Argyle Airport run-away failed de test and had to be dug up. Is nah nobody fault, de soil dah dey laid down pon de run-away, did pass de test in de laboratory de have on site. Is just dat when dey done lay down de soil and come-press it, ah second test showed dat it did not mek de 100 percent pass mark, it was not up to standard. De good news is dat dis exercise will entail ah few extra hours ah wuk, and will not cause any significant delay or incur any significant cost.

She told me bluntly dat she has had enough ah me and de IADC prop-ah-gang-dah. She told me was since September last year, it was de International Aviation Inspector, and not de local Tec-noc-rats as de PM would have us believe, is who discovered de compact-shun problem, and it is serious as it is de spot way de plane is expected to land down. Den she chant me down dat asking who will believe dat digging up ah de area, relaying de properly tested soil, compacting layer by layer, now gone past ah month weeks, and still going, is just ah matter of ah “few extra hours ah work,” and will cause ‘no significant delay and no significant cost’.

She reminded me dat de Airport was to be ready two years ago; but in December 2013 dey said it will be ready foh In-de-pen-dance 2014, den de date shifted to December 2014.” She betting me now dat de date will move to Vincy Mas 2015, and dey will blame de “Few extra hours wuk” as reason foh de new completion date. Lie-Za is asking why de don’t tek time, “Ole people say hurry, hurry bird nah build good nest!”


Yuh think is easy questions ah does have to answer Lie-Za. De last thing ah told her is dat ah will ask de Editor to send her to de Pry-minister ‘s Press Con-frenz. Her concerns are wid his hell’t, and like all of us, she knows he is only flesh and blood wid human frailties. She notes dat during his stint as PM, two parts ah de body have come under strain, ley we nah touch de head eh; just his foot and his Bottom, as he himself describes it Jah-mek-her style “Foot-Bottom.” De other day he took ah break and everything was fine. She felt good foh him when he told de Press Reporters dat he was fine, even boasting how he had Blood Pressure readings of 116 over 67, (dem kind ah readings is foh teenage athletes and fitness freaks). But she say he was better dan “re-fine” when he left here. While in England, is like all of ah sudden, by some kind ah divine enter-vent-shun, de problem wid his “B” surfaced again. She is convinced dat is de dis-come-foh-thing, begging feeling, just being present in de Mother Country, around Queen Elizabeth, Privy Council and de colonials, is way bring on his medical problem. But she is happy dat is de British Surgeons who fix up our PM, so dat every time he sit down in come-forth, every time he wind-up he bottom, and even his air-nus lickers will be must reminded dat is de British who fixed up de PM.

One thing though, she hope he didn’t pay dem ah Red cent foh any operate-shun on his way-ever. She said: “Ley dem tek dat out ah de Rip-he-rear-shun money!” She never said “he-rear,” dah is my insertion, she actually used de “B” word. And wid dat is gone ah gone again.

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Bassy Alexander is a land surveyor, folklorist and social commentator.