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Shame on any Gestapo leader


Dug Howard, now an established Activist made no apology foh his association wid de famous Pitty-shun in circulation, dat attempts to paint de image of de Pry Minister of SVG as “Eminently Unsuitable to lead Reparations,” Ah Paper dat could very well be one of de main reason why de PM did not go to de USA to sit on ah panel of eminent Black Leaders to discuss de subject:{{more}} “Re-vital-lies de Reparation Movement!”

Ole people say de fruit don’t fall too far from de tree, and Dug like he tek after his “Ole Man” George Howard. George was ah Public Servant in my time, who served as Senior Port Guard. He also acted as Chief Security Officer foh ah while, which is prestigious. He was de Shop Steward foh de Port Guards who were members ah de PSU. It was in de Union dat George uses to push Fire! Ah real Devil’s Advocate at times, but genuinely serious when it came to workers rights and salary increases, so Dug’s role is understandable.

Howard Marine, which is located along de coast on Villa Flat is owned by Keith Howard, Dug’s brother. Unlike Dug, Keith is ah Pacifist, highly respected among Kings and Peasants. His job is to keep de yachts and fishing boats at sea, repairs to engines foh fisher-folks etc. He is also an active Rotarian who was just recently elected President of the Rotary Club South. Rotary of course, is known world-wide foh its involvement in projects dat touch people’s lives in tangible ways. Keith plays ah lead role in de Rotary Health Project dat involves bringing to SVG, sometimes twice ah year, ah team of Doctors, Surgeons, Nurses, Specialist from de USA, to perform surgical operations foh free, surgeries dah would cost thousands ah dollars if done abroad.

So ah was really shocked when ah heard de Awe-position leader on his Monday program saying dat de Police, in true Gestapo style, made ah surprise visit to Howard’s Marine compound, searching widout ah Warrant! And den de real blow was when Keith went to de Customs to process papers foh ah shipment of Engines, he was told dat de Duty Free concession on all fishing boat engines and spare parts, dat was granted by Go-venom-mint to all Retailers some 30 years ago, has ended. Ah don’t know if is only Keith is affected.

Is Lie-Za who reminding me dat de search at Villa, took place de same day de Gestapo celebrates its 80th Anniversary, dated back when Hen-rich Him-Law took over de Force. And who ever bright I-dare it was to send Gestapo to raid Howard’s Marine widout Warrant, should heng his/her head in shame! Howard’s Marine will pass on de duty to de Fisher-folks, who will pass it on to us de consumer. As ole people uses to say: “Peter will pay foh Paul and Paul will pay foh All!”

Is not ah thing more dan de poll-it-tek-all physician in his medical report die-ah-knows dat de patient got but ah short time, his days are numbered: “Mene, Mene, Tekel, Ufarsin!” It is all dey in de book of Daniel, chapter 5 vs. 25.


My position on National Hero stands. We have one Hero, Excellency Joseph Chatoyer, and dat is enough. We paid tribute to Chatoyer last month and since March 14th, and nothing more will be said or heard of him till next year March. Ah want to suggest dat while we digging up graves and archives looking foh material to support other Candidates foh National Hero, ley we see what Leg-ah-see each one has left us dat we can use to change lives, control crime and best of all inspire and instill pride in our youths.

Dr Eustace is an excellent pick foh ah start. He had ah clear vision and ah mission while here on earth. He preach, he teach and outreach, restored sight. Doc’s Leg-ah-see was based on Chrtistianity, winning souls foh de Lord. He had ah Church Ministry, built churches and delivered de spoken Word! He had ah Teaching Ministry, so he built schools and delivered de written Word! and finally his professional service as Eye Specialist restoring sight to de impaired wid glasses of course. Ah overs he was ah philanthropist in all ah his vocations.

Only ah couple weeks ago ah saw way D’Mario Browne, ah young Christian and model student of de Marriaqua Emmanuel High School, built by Doc Eustace, was voted de “Top Performer Overall after Remediation!” Ah read also way dis is about de fourth year de school has copped dis outstanding Title – 2008, 2010, 2013 and 2014. Dis is de Leg-ah-see dat Doc Eustace has left us. He left no note dat he wanted Hero Status. He built Institutions dat will deliver Heroic performances from de “young rejects” as identified by society, de under achievers whom de system would have declared unsuitable to sit wid de brilliant sons and daughters of de elite GHS, BGS!

Quite frankly, ah don’t think Doc appreciate his name being bartered foh National Hero. National Hero by dis Go-venom-ment criterion is about Pull-it-tek-all contribution. Doc Eustace does not qualify. However yuh could bet yuh last dollar he is already ah Hero in Heaven. And wid dat, is gone ah gone again!

One Love Bassy

Bassy Alexander is a land surveyor, folklorist and social commentator.