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Carry-come gone again


It is now Carry Club, as de leaders continue to Flip Flop. Dey were first off de blocks to call foh an end to de students protest backed by de Awe-position, currently taking place in Venezuela; First off de blocks, when our Pry Minister cut deep, and rightly so, into Dominican President, Danilo Medina and his wicked Constitutional Court ruling that has denied citizenship to thousands of persons, mostly of Haitian descent, born in the Dominican Republic. But right at home in dey Carry Club, dey remain silent as one of dey members, Den-cell Douglas meking ah mockery ah De-mock-we-see in Sin Kitts.{{more}}

De gist ah de Sin Kitts scene is dat, dey is ah Constitutional Court Ruling sitting in Den-cell’s lap, foh ah meeting of Sin Kitts Parlour-men’t, to hear ah vote of No-confidence is de Guv-ah-mint. But Douglas, who foh over thirteen months now, and who no longer commands ah majority in Parlour-men’t, refuses to call ah meeting!

But our Carry-Club leaders collectively, remain silent! Individually however, one-ah-two have expressed condemnation. SVG is not among de one-ah-two, which is eye-run-ache. Because Vin-sin-shun remembers de 2001 Road Block, when our Pry-minister, Gone-soft was leader ah de Awe-position, was on de streets pushing from in front, wid de Teachers, Public Servants, calling foh Mitchell, whose NDP Administration was legal, notwithstanding it was ah one seat majority, to step down! Interestingly de leaders ah de same Carry-Club back den, came to SVG, assess de situation, and add-vise Mitchell to listen to better judge-mint.

Lie-Za say Carry Club is ah Fren- Fren ting, dey are all Buddies like peas in ah pod. But by condoning matters like Den-cell’s mis-behave-yah, dey sending wrong signals to Investors, giving Carry Club ah “Banana Republic” image.

And while de members ah Carry Club joking around, hey in SVG, foh over ah decade, we have not had ah decent, far-rain investor coming to our shores, ley me repeat, “ah decent far-rain investor.” SVG has had ah no growth Econ-Amy sit-yuh-hear-shun foh four consecutive years! De Guv-ah-mint had to sell its majority shares in de NBC, de State owned Bank! Ah bad business climate could ah bin created at ah public meeting, when de Pry-Minister did promise supporters when he gets into office, to deal wid de country’s three leading Supermarkets! What kind ah message we sending when ah Minister of Guv-ah-mint and not NEMO, de authorized body, is now directly in charge ah distribution ah Relief supplies; or dat de Guv-ah-mint spitefully imposes Customs Duties on similar Relief supplies addressed to de Awe-position. Mini, Mini, Tekel, Upharsin!

Lie-Za still out ah place as ever. She wish she was ah fly pon de wall when Carry-Club met hey. She imagines ah scene way one member gets up and says: “ After ah whole week, and we ain’t deal wid any matter dah will give hope foh our Youths.” Right away somebody interrupted and said : “Ley we set Marie Warn-her free! Dat ought to mek dem youths chill foh ah while!” Immediately de Cheerman was on his feet. “Come-reds we treading on dangerous grounds, we can’t go down dat road, if even we disagree, ley we agree to disagree on dis! Set up ah Task Force and call it Me-dissing-all Marie Warn-her Civil-lies-I-say-shun! So all who does smoke it, all who does drink it, who does plant it, trade in it, and even who in Jail foh it, go cool out foh another year!”


Ah glad foh dem ex-Ju-c wukers who have not been paid come-pen-say-shun since de Factory closed two years ago. Things were so bad dat dey were not paid foh de two months before de place closed down. I trust dat ECGC de new owners, and de former Ju-c would have made proper arrangements to settle all outstanding payments. And ah glad foh Sister Girl-in, She did tell folks from de Die-us-poorer at de Argyle Airport, when de Airport gets going, dey will again be able to take back Red Ju-c in dey suitcase. She did not even know day de Factory was close-down. Dat Red Ju-c is like ah national something. Ah recalled producing ah Carnival Show wid only Traditional Items: String Band, Bum Drum, Quadrille etc. Ju-C manager, Ken Gonsalves agreed to sponsor de Murray Village Bum Drum, Ken was born in de Village and wanted Jerry “Rounse” Joseph, de speech-maker to say something lively bout Ju-c when de band went on stage. Ah had Jerry, who by de way was illiterate, learning one line: “ Ju-c is ah Delicious Drink!” All evening he was back stage repeating his “Ju-c is ah Delicious Drink!” While on stage, he thrilled de crowd as he went off on ah tangent wid his specifying, so ah ran to de front ah de stage, ah shouted to him “ Jerry, don’t forget… Ju-c is ah Delicious Drink!” He looked at me, gave ah reassuring kiss ooops, reassuring nod, and blurted out to over four thousand spectators:” Don’t forget! Ju-c is ah Malicious Drink!” Victoria Park went wild! Long live Ju-c. And wid dat is gone ah gone again.

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