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TRIBUTE Litton Nelson aka “Dada” or “Nello” of Calder Ridge

TRIBUTE  Litton Nelson aka “Dada” or “Nello” of Calder Ridge


Fri, Sept 28, 2012

Dear Dad,

You have achieved that balance; you offered a healthy mix of friendships and fatherhood so that your family can live in harmony, and your children know it’s safe to ask your opinion and seek your guidance. The blessings of your parenting skills show in every way; when your children displease you, it’s an event for you and for them. Neither party wants a measure of displeasure to enter the relationship. Why? Because you have worked through the years to communicate and help us to understand how you perceive life and what complicates life for you. You have built a foundation of trust, both as a parent and friend.

The gift that you employed in raising your children may have started in your home, but it will move into every area of your children’s life experiences. It will be the cornerstone of how they operate in the world, what they expect from others and what they do to negotiate skilfully through life’s ups and downs.

The gift of balance between fatherhood and friendship is one that makes those around you proud to stand up and cheer. It is for this reason and many others as well that you have healthy, happy, loving children, who love and respect their mother and father and the persons they come into contact with and, most of all, their father in Heaven.

Farewell, Dad

We love you.

Rest In Peace.