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From pediatric care to eye care, there is no doubt that the Vincentian health sector gets a boost from visiting medical “missions” of doctors from more well-to-do countries.

For the next couple weeks, Vincy patients will benefit from the presence of the eight-member medical team from Taiwan’s Chunghua Christian Hospital. {{more}}The doctors, nurses and acupuncturists won’t only provide high-quality care to our ill and ailing, but they will also advise our local health administrators on improving our technology and health delivery systems. Hopefully, they’ll also get to enjoy some Vincy hospitality and scenery. Thanks! Do come again!


It might not seem like it at the moment, but the conversation on Garifuna rights received a boost this past week in the political back-and-forth about giving honorary Vincentian citizenship to Garifuna descendants. Both Eustace’s vague pledges and Gonsalves’ clumsily-worded questions sounded like cheap political pandering to different audiences. But while each party’s record on elevating Garifuna awareness and advocacy speaks for itself, 2015 marks the first time ever that our ancestors and the rights of their descendants have risen to the level of an election issue. And that, no matter how politically-charged the claims and counterclaims, is progress.


Arnhim Eustace

In the long tradition of Vincentian politicians making the pilgrimage to Brooklyn to hold town hall meetings with the diaspora, few have been as politically disastrous as Arnhim Eustace’s recent trip to drum up support for the NDP’s election effort. In front of a medium-sized crowd that braved a thunderstorm to attend the event, the worst weather came from Eustace’s personal cold front. The Leader of the Opposition heaped insult after frosty insult on those who asked questions during the interactive section of the meeting. Eustace angrily dismissed a questioner who asked about his absence from Hero’s Day celebrations and unwittingly provided the ULP with a campaign catchphrase with his disdainful “Ask Ralph” response to a perfectly reasonable request for an outline of the NDP’s medium term development plan for SVG. On a night when co-speaker Patel Mathews exceeded expectations, the only thing anyone remembers is Eustace’s comments, which are now being mocked relentlessly on social media.


Ray Anthony Clarke

What a difference a week makes. After being celebrated on this page for his 3,000+ pound haul of fish to earn the Fisherman of the Year title, Ray Anthony Clarke is once again in the news for an entirely different kettle of fish! The newspapers report that Clarke pleaded not guilty to allegations of possession of marijuana with intent to supply. Clarke was supposed to be the poster child for a new, young, educated generation of hardworking fisherfolk, and was even recognized in Parliament for his deeds on the seas. Now, even though he is innocent until proven guilty, Clarke may well be remembered for the sort of ‘tale’ about what takes place on the high seas that has nothing to do with fish! Given Clarke’s obvious talent as a fisherman, we hope the allegations are unfounded.

If I had a question in SVG Parliament

I’d ask the Leader of the Opposition to detail the specifics of his honorary citizenship programme for the Garifuna. How do you identify who, exactly, is Garifuna? Do they get a regular Vincentian passport? What rights are different between an “honorary” citizen and an actual one? It’s an interesting idea, but more details are needed.

Media Watch!

Our media has no shortage of politics and political opinions. But our entertainment and human interest segments are seriously lacking. Carnival season is here, and Carnival is all about entertainment. Can we see some more in-depth profiles of the mas men, designers, musicians, singers and behind-the-scenes people who make Vincy Mas what it is? I’m sure we can all do without another political broadside over the next couple weeks to celebrate and learn a little bit more about the people who bring our festival to life.