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Welcome Back, let’s get on Track


Yes it’s a new year! Another time to get ourselves motivated to make change, make things better! It does not matter if you don’t make actual “resolutions”. There is no denying that the turn of a new year makes most people start thinking about turning over a new leaf in some way. What better way to start out on the right foot than with your health?{{more}}

There are many ways to head towards better health, and for many of us it can sometimes seem overwhelming. There are SO many ways to move towards improved health. If you take the time to look at all possibilities, it can seem so daunting that you just turn right around, suck your teeth and say, why bother, this is too much work.

No, don’t give up! I would like to suggest a simple approach to make some steps towards getting on the right road again, and hopefully not overwhelming.

FIRST: chose one good habit you would like to encourage. This should be something you are already trying to do, but just need to REALLY get it going. Maybe walking/exercising more often or for a longer period. Maybe eating on time more often. Maybe checking those blood sugars more often or looking at your feet every day. Think of one thing and say to yourself: “I am doing okay at this but I can do better this year. “That is the one you tackle.

SECOND: Chose one bad habit you need to break, and focus on that one for now. Perhaps you need to stop adding salt to every meal without tasting it first. Maybe you can finally kick that smoking habit. Perhaps you finally keep those doctor appointments.

This is an easy approach. Pick two things to start! Yes there is often a lot to do. No matter how healthy our daily lives, most of us can still do better. There is always room for improvement, and you all know that is true!

Until next week stay safe and healthy Vincies!

Anita Ramsetty, MD
Medical Director Endocrine Care Group
Tel: 843-798-4227