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Life affecting Diabetes continued: The daily grind


Over the past weeks we have talked about mainly big events or changes, or singular events affecting your diabetes control. This week we’ll touch on “regular” events that can affect your blood sugar levels. Sometimes it is the daily grind that is the most to blame!{{more}}

A few ordinary events to consider:

Non-serious infections: you know what I mean. A “cold”, little sniffle. Nothing serious, you can still work etc, but you are not completely well. These do tend to run your blood sugars a little high, usually starting a few days before you even know you have an infection, and through the course of the illness. Viruses cause most of these, so your doctor cannot give you any antibiotics to fix the infection. They just run their course. If your blood sugars are extremely high, then your medication will need to be changed. If they are only slightly high, you may be able to get away with drinking lots of water for a few days. In any case, touch base with your doc to see if any changes need to be made to your medication doses.

Menstrual period: A number of you ladies are saying, I THOUGHT something was different around that time!” Indeed, many women do find their blood sugars go up during PMS week and then can vary quite a bit during the first few days of their menstrual period. Again, if blood sugars are not very elevated, no big deal. But if they are and do this every single month, you may need to come up with a temporary medication regimen to deal with it during those times.

Lack of sleep: similar to stress, lack of sleep (especially over time) can definitely lead to higher blood sugar levels. If snoring causes your lack of sleep, that is another separate factor that can worsen things. Talk to your doc if you find sleeping difficulties are common for you.

Until next week, stay safe and healthy Vincies!

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