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Myths, facts about diabetes Pt:10


Myth #10-Once you have diabetes, you are stuck with it getting worse for the rest of your life – FALSE

This week will be one of many pep talks you get from me. I actually had this week’s myth as a question on a diabetes Internet help site called, and thought this would be a good one to talk about with my fellow Vincies.{{more}}

As you know by now, I do not generally take the doom-and-gloom approach to things. I rather believe that once people know information and understand it, they can be trusted to make the best decision for themselves without my having to scare them. Sometimes I am right, sometimes I am wrong. But still I give people the benefit of the doubt.

In the case of diabetes, many people believe that once your doctor says those words: “You have high sugar”, that is a gradual roll down the hill from there on. Not so, I say, not at all. For most people, there is hope of slowing that roll, and for some people getting off that hill entirely.

It is a common misconception that once you have diabetes, you have it for life. For some people this is true because their diagnosis may be made late and their own insulin is not doing the job. It can be tough to reign in this train, and even tougher to get it on the right track. BUT IT CAN BE DONE. I have many patients who took this very seriously, changed their diet, lost some weight, and started exercising-their blood sugars came down to normal without any medicines.

I cannot stress this enough-it IS worth the effort!!! It is true that we have good medications to treat diabetes. In fact, very good ones. But if you can manage some and maybe all of it without any medicines, wouldn’t that be even better?

So keep at it my friends: Kick those sweets out and welcome more fresh vegetables to your table. Make goals for yourself instead of just a broad “I want to lose weight”-how much? Hold yourself to that promise and give it your best shot. Keep walking or going to the gym, playing sports, swimming or however you get your exercise. Even if you still end up needing some medication, you will likely need less because of all these changes, and your heart will be so much healthier as well.

Please don’t be defeated by this diagnosis. You can do this. We talk about treating our body as a temple-well, here is your chance to do one of the best things you can for yourself.

Next week we start our information series, but if you have questions in the meantime please drop me an e-mail. I love questions!

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