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Celebrating 50 years of Karate in SVG

Celebrating 50 years of Karate in SVG


THIS YEAR MARKS 50 years since karate came to St Vincent and the Grenadines.

In 1970, the traditional Japanese martial art was introduced to Vincentians and has since produced many black belts.

Karate is a weaponless art where practitioners use basic techniques of punching, blocking, kicking and striking.

The Hairouna Karate Federation is spearheading a year of activities in celebration of this milestone and has sent out a call to all Karatekas, past and present, to join them in commemorating this golden anniversary.

The first of these events took place last Thursday when over 70 Karatekas from various clubs took to the Grammar School Playing Field for a Federation Training Day event, titled Karate on the Park. The event was well attended and served to generate interest in the benefits of karate.

The activities will continue with an anniversary church service at the Wilson Hill New Testament Church on March 1st. The month of March has been designated as Karate Outreach Month, where member clubs will be giving back to the community.