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BHS acknowledges two former stalwarts’ contributions

BHS acknowledges two former stalwarts’ contributions
Wollis Christopher (left) and Miriam Pompey (right), display their plagues presented to them last Friday at the Victoria Park, at the Bethel High School’s athletics meet


Former teacher and Principal of the Bethel High School, Miriam Pompey, along with former Physical Education teacher at that institution, Wollis Christopher, were the honourees at the school’s track meet held last Friday evening at the Victoria Park.

Both were presented with plagues as their contributions were acknowledged.

Pompey, who began her duties at the school in 1999, before her elevation to the post as Principal in 2012, was singled out at last Friday’s brief ceremony, as the “innovator”.

It was under her, that the school pioneered the hosting of its athletics meet under the lights at the Victoria.

The event which was started in 2015, and has been carried on since, has come to be known as “Night Sports”.

Christopher’s 14 years at the Bethel High School saw him leaving a positive mark on the school’s sports programme.

His notable successes came in netball and football, as the Bethel High School champed the schools’ titles, with Christopher at the forefront of the technical preparations of both disciplines.

Christopher and Pompey retired in 2015 and 2017, respectively, ending their teaching careers at the Bethel High School.