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Blue Marlins Swim Club cop Boys 8 & Under, Girls 9-10 age group titles

Blue Marlins Swim Club cop Boys 8 & Under, Girls 9-10 age group titles


“A great start to the year for swimming” was just one expression by enthused parents and entertained onlookers at the recently hosted CGM Gallagher (sponsored) Invitational Swim Meet at the Shrewsbury Aquatic Centre over the weekend. The young and talented swimmers of the Blue Marlins Swim Club reminded spectators just why they were intensely trained by their coaches Neisha, Ricky, Sarah and Xaveon. The known stalwarts of Seth Byron, Kennice Greene and Zariel Nelson have now been joined by Hazen Da Briel, as he copped the 8 and Under overall title, as well as the sprint crown in that age group. Da Briel managed 10 medals (nine gold and one silver).

Kennice Greene came away winner of the Girls 9-10 overall category by gaining 13 medals (seven gold and five silver). Zariel Nelson won 12 medals (one gold, three silver and eight bronze). Adiah Phillips gained an impressive 11 medals (three gold, four silver and four bronze). Jaynika Williams gained nine medals (three silver, six bronze). Rhema Robinson amassed seven medals (one gold, two silver, four bronze).

Not to be outdone by the females, Seth Byron attained eight medals (three gold, one silver and four bronze). Rounding out the top swimmers were Tyler Robinson with eight medals, Zaryah Samuel, three medals, Taeyah St Hillaire and Sarah Foster, two bronze medals and Jemani Robinson and Matthew Ballah, one bronze medal each.

Nicholas DeFreitas, Tai Joseph, Kelsea Nichols, Kai Marks-Dasent, Christian John, Dylan Pretli, Lauren DeRoche, Josel DaSIlva, Kevisha Richardson, Breana Bruce, Trevion Burgin, Julian DeFreitas, Sebastian DeFreitas, Jayden Thomas, Jval Adams, Konje Findlay, Rhonyah Jack, Jnea Troy, Carter Francis, Olivia Aussi, Corey Walker, Wyze Oliver, Spiro Aussi, Kyle Shallow and Keonj Findlay all recorded personal best times.

Several swimmers will now go on to other regional and international meets, having achieved the qualifying standard set by the Swimming Federation.

The interest in swimming continues to grow, as seen by the numbers training with the club on weekdays and Saturday afternoons. Whether recreational, fitness and health or competitive swimming, the sport continues to attract the young and young at heart alike.