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Schools’ Get into Rugby programme tagged success

Schools’ Get into Rugby programme tagged success


The schools’ ‘Get Into Rugby’ programme, an undertaking of the St Vincent and the Grenadines Rugby Union, is gaining ground in acceptance by students and their parents alike.

Currently, the programme is under the guidance of Max Cubitt and Jessica Pitts, two volunteer coaches from England, who have been in the lead roles since September, 2017.

Assessing the Get Into Rugby programme, Pitts told SEARCHLIGHT that having one school requesting additional sessions and new schools on board are success stories for the duo.

“It has been amazing… We have been able to get Sugar Mill (Academy) on board with three sessions per week and after school… We have recently had another secondary school – St Martin’s… We now have Grade Six at St Mary’s (Roman Catholic),” Pitts underscored.

Pitts said that since being here in St Vincent and the Grenadines, she and Cubitt have been able been “to get three or four more schools in the programme”.

Also among their success analysis is the fact that three local coaches have joined the programme, which she believes will aid in its “sustainability”.

Apart from entrenching the Get into Rugby programme, Pitts’ responsibility extends to the firming up the females’ rugby set-up.

Meanwhile, Cubitt continues to work with the senior men’s teams in practice for regional and international engagements.

Pitts and Cubitt took over from Ruben Duque, who served as a volunteer coach to the SVG Rugby Union during the latter part of 2016.