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PRTA recognizes Vincy duo

PRTA recognizes Vincy duo


Two local coaches, Olanzo Jackson and Janet Christopher, have been recognized for the development of the sport of road tennis here in St Vincent and the Grenadines (SVG).

The two were acknowledged during the recently concluded second Capita Financial SVG Road Tennis Blast.

Jackson, who coaches in the community of Chester Cottage, has in his stock more than 20 trainees.

The Chester Cottage lot was able to taste much success at the staging of the 2017 Blast, as there were one champion, two losing finalists and three losing semi-finalists which emerged.

Jackson said he has been in constant contact with coaches in Barbados, who help him in refining his charges’ technical abilities.

Meanwhile, Christopher trains about 10 youngsters from the Layou area.

She, however, credits her husband Wollis for helping to erect a court just outside of their home in Layou, which has caused youngsters to gravitate to the sport.

Both Jackson and Christopher promised to continue with their efforts at making road tennis a popular sport in St Vincent and the Grenadines.

Road tennis is indigenous to Barbados and is a fast paced sport, which is considered a hybrid between tennis and table tennis.

The court is regularly 21 feet by 10 feet, with a dividing half usually made of board, which is eight inches high. Also, the court can be marked with chalk, paint or any suitable substance.

Road tennis is played on a paved surface, using racquets made of wood, which are referred to as paddles.

Participants do not require any particular gear and can even be barefooted.

The rules of road tennis are similar to those of table tennis and it is spreading throughout the Caribbean and internationally.