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Sion Hill Netball Tournament holds presentation ceremony

Sion Hill Netball Tournament holds presentation ceremony


Players and teams that stood out in this year’s Vita Malt Sion Hill Netball Tournament were last Sunday compensated for their efforts with trophies and cash awards.

They earned the rewards for their efforts at the closing ceremony, which took place at the Sion Hill Playing Field hard court.

Among the individual awards was one for the Youngest Player – seven-year-old Phoebe Ferdinand, who got $150 from the Sion Hill Sports Club.

Chaunte Carringtom of the Sion Hill netball team received $100 from the pockets of Glenford Prescott, as she was adjudged the Most Disciplined Young Player from the Sion Hill community.

Gaining the Arnhim Eustace $300 award of Most Disciplined Player in the tournament was Princess Trotman.

Meanwhile, Yanja Young Strugglers’ Mary Ann Fredericks got the Press C’s Electrical Services trophy as the tournament’s Top Goalscorer.

The recipients of the MVPs for the Division One were Suzette Jordan – Sion Hill; Brean Gloster – Star Girls One, Jessica Lavia – TCCU Trail Blazers, Kemeisha Antoine – Nice Radio Clinchers and Genetta Andrews – Young Strugglers.

Division Two MVPs were Shanette Prescod – New Era Pepper Stars, Nicole London – Third World Man Shop Pacers; Colisha Fraser – Star Girls Two, Jonell John – OSCO Ball Warriors.

The list of awardees was completed by Sameisha Allicott – Island Blends Success Radio, Lauren Gilbert – Everready Future Stars, Miah Palmer – Buccament Bay Androids and Veneshia Harry – SVG General Services.

OSCO Ball Warriors won Division Two league competition. Second were Island Blends Success Radio and Everready Future Stars – third.

OSCO Ball Warriors got an additional $300 from Arnhim Eustace, after being named as the Most Disciplined Team.

Everready Future Stars won the Division Two knockout competition and got the Godwin Friday trophy in return. Another title went to Future Stars,  that of the Most Improved Team.

Meanwhile, the Division One league title was won by Star Girls One; second were TCCU Trail Blazers and third were Yanja Young Strugglers.

Sunday’s closing ceremony saw parliamentary representative Arnhim Eustace and the St Vincent Brewery recognized for their input in the tournament for many years.(RT)