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Hope International FC reaches out in Fair Hall

Hope International FC reaches out in Fair Hall


Hope International FC, last Saturday at the Ribishi playground in Fair Hall, hosted some youngsters of the area in a football outreach programme.

Saturday’s exercise was a culmination of a two-week visit to that locale, which was under the guidance of the club’s coaching personnel.

Spokesperson for Hope International FC Akin John evaluated this year’s programme as “fruitful and rewarding”.

Explaining the vision of the outreach programme, John said: “Our intention is to team up with an outstanding individual in a community that does not have an existing structured football programme… It is part of our club’s outreach initiative by giving back to the community and essentially get youngsters between the ages of five and 16 involved in the game in a structured way and we are offering support to some of the isolated communities”.

Additionally, John noted, “It is actually an opportunity for us to scout for new talent and find a way of bringing them into our club”.

John said the club intends to make follow-up visits once per month, to ensure that the talent unearthed is monitored and harnessed.

Last year, Hope International FC took its outreach programme to the Diamonds Playing Field in Diamonds.