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Marriaqua MP makes amalgamation call

Marriaqua MP makes amalgamation call


Parliamentary representative for the constituency of Marriaqua St Clair “Jimmy” Prince has made a call for sporting organizations in the Marriaqua Valley to amalgamate.

Prince made the call during his remarks at the closing ceremony of the Valley Sports Committee Football at the Richland Park Playing Field.

He was speaking in light of the reality that there is a Marriaqua Football Association, which organizes football, netball and softball cricket competitions at the Cane End facilities and the Valley Sports Committee, which administers football and netball at Richland Park.

But whilst Prince welcomes these sporting events, he stressed that he would love to see one organization.

Addressing the matter of duplication of efforts, Prince noted: “Currently what we see is a netball and football competition at the Cane End Playing Field and then following the conclusion, there will be a round of the same competition at Richland Park”.

 Prince’’s call is for a revival of the umbrella body, namely the Marriaqua Sports Association (MSA).

Any attempt to have Prince’s wishes come to fruition might take some doing, as already the Marriaqua Football Association has put out a full calendar for 2018, inclusive of three football competitions, a netball and a softball cricket competition.

The MSA, for many years, was headed by the late Larry Bascombe.

But with Bascombe’s passing in 2008, the association slowly dismantled and efforts to bring it back to life have proven futile.

This protracted stay in reforming the MSA, therefore, has led to formation of the two major groups which oversee sporting activities in the Marriaqua Valley.