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Cyclists have preference for ET Joshua Airport strip

Cyclists have preference for ET Joshua Airport strip


If it were the choice of senior cyclists Peter Durrant and Martin Bollers, then the decommissioned ET Joshua Airport runway will host most of the races of the SVG Cycling Union.

The two came to this point after experiencing the facilities last Saturday afternoon, when the Cycling Union hosted a cycling festival there.

“This is where we should be riding more and have our races, because we do not have to contend with the traffic, as it is much safer here,” Durrant claimed.

Expressing similar sentiments was Bollers, who went further, making a request that the Cycling Union should be given preference in relation to the facilities.

“We need a home for cycling and this can be our home,” Bollers proposed.

And, both Durrant and Bollers had reason to celebrate the facilities, as they were first and second, respectively, in the Masters category of the 6km and 7.5km races held as part of Saturday’s festival.

Taking first place in both races was Zefal Bailey, while Enroy Lewis took the Slow Man race.

Meanwhile, the festival also saw four BMX cyclists from the Grenadine island of Bequia, journeying across the channel, to participate.

Topping the two races in the BMX segment was Joshua Hazell, as he won the 2k and the 2.5 km.

The Cycling Union also acknowledged Omar Baptiste, who was the lone junior cyclist on show.  

Since being decommissioned in February this year, with the coming on stream of the Arygle International Airport (AIA), the ET Joshua Airport facilities have been used for cultural events, motor sports and last month, a local produce exhibition took place in the old terminal building.

At present, the National Properties, a statutory body, is in charge of the ET Joshua Airport.

Several pronouncements have come from top government officials, who have indicated that the facilities at the ET Joshua Airport and surrounding acreages, will be utilized for the construction of a modern shopping complex.