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GTC donates equipment for upkeep of Fancy playing facilities

GTC donates equipment for  upkeep of Fancy playing facilities


The users of the sporting facilities in the northern community of Fancy will be better served, after a quantity of implements were donated by the Grassroot Tennis Club (GTC), last Saturday to assist with upkeep.

Handed over were a lawn mower, a weed whacker, a wheelbarrow and two metal fan rakes.

The GTC was able to purchase the equipment, thanks to the input of Deron Grant, a former national tennis player, and who is St Vincent and the Grenadines’ honorary consul in Oman.

Grant, who is also the head coach at the Petroleum Development Oman Recreational Centre, donated EC$1,000 towards the purchase of the equipment for Fancy.

And, on cue, the equipment was put to use immediately, as the playing field had to be cut to facilitate an activity by the GTC.

Parliamentary representative for North Windward Montgomery Daniel welcomed the help rendered by the GTC, noting that it would help in promoting sports in the area.

Joining Daniel were other residents, who claimed that they had to depend on sheep being tethered on the playing field for the grass to be kept at a reasonable height.

The Fancy sports facilities are under the aegis of the National Sports Council.