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Outstanding performers in 2017 SEDI competition acknowledged

Outstanding performers in 2017 SEDI competition acknowledged


The spotlight was placed on players who excelled in the various aspects of the adjudication of the 2017 South East Development Inc football league, which ended last Sunday at the Stubbs Playing Field.

Named as the Best Goalkeeper was Awesome FC’s Kizani Haynes, with his team mate Lezlo Mc Kenzie copping the award for Most Goals, with his 16.

Also gaining recognition was United’s Ishama Mc Ree, more known for his basketball skills; he was adjudged the Best Defender.

Meanwhile, Volcanoes’ Mazique Herbert was adjudged Best Midfielder and national player Nazir Mc Burnette, who represented Country Meet Town QUESCO, the Best Striker.

Awesome FC’s Dominique Stowe copped the Best Manager award.

The list of awards also saw the most valuable players of the participating teams getting compensated.

Rewarded were Tevin Thompson – Awesome FC, Erel Hector – Uprising Stars, Deron Rouse – United, Juma Gilkes – Nature Boys, Kishorn Durham – Volcanoes, NP Fair Hall – Deron Clarke and Sylvester Frederick – Star Bloc.

Completing the awards were Nazir Burnette – QUESCO, Daron Maloney – Ball Rollers, Anthony Hazell – Groove Street Ballers, Jante James – Diamond, Cornelius Thomas – Ghetto Stars and Azim Richards – Stubborn Youths.

And, the team awards went to Awesome FC – the Best Attacking Team and Most Disciplined Team and Volcanoes FC – the Best Defensive Team.